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CCUK is a British Cosmetic brand that is available back home (Sri Lanka) that you can buy. It isn't a famous brand in the UK but back home it is quite famous as their isn't international brands that are affordable because the international brands we do have is very expensive.The best part is they have foundations and powders that suit the Asia skin and when I mean Asian I mean the darker toned Asians like me. As I have mentioned over and over again in Hong Kong I find it quite hard to find darker shades when it comes to foundations, they tend to favour the lighter shades. So when I went on back home for a holiday I just had to try this brand as I hadn't tried out any of their products in awhile. I used to use them while I was back home on and off as they do have some really nice makeup products. I bought the CCUK Liquid foundation in the shade Bronze from a very reputed makeup shop called Shrina Palace back home and it cost me Sri Lankan Rs 590/= which I would say is reasonable. I bought the CCUK Stick Foundation as well in the shade Bronze which cost Sri Lankan Rs 890/=



The liquid foundation is a perfect match for my skin tone and has a smooth finish to the look even though it has a matte finish. I love that about this foundation and even though it isn't a bit brand the foundation is really good. 




The packaging isn't much, its a small compact tube that is easy to use and very travel friendly. More than being a liquid I would say that it is more like a mousse foundation. The foundation has a very light and mousse kind of texture. A very air like feeling to it and was very smooth and soft feeling to it. Its very easy to apply the foundation. You can use your fingers as well as a makeup brush. I use my hands for a very light coverage and use a foundation brush or a buffing brush for more coverage.

When applying the foundation you need to be a bit fast because it does tend to get matte really fast. The coverage is medium I would say as I had to always use a concealer after using the foundation. Most of the time I didn't have to use a setting powder but I like to just to make it last longer. I got about 5 hours of wear time from this foundation.

Overall a very good foundation that gives a matte look, so if you have oily skin like me it is perfect. Even though it is matte it isn't too drying and neither does it dry out the skin. I would recommend though if you have dry skin to use a good moisturizer just in case.


The liquid foundation is also in the shade Bronze, the same as the liquid foundation. The stick foundation is a bit thicker than the liquid foundation and is creamy as it as well. The foundation
is a good match to my skin tone. Hence why I got both the liquid and stick foundation.




The packaging is the usual as a stick foundation, all you need to do is twist the bottom bit and the foundation will come up. You can control how much you want of the product to come out which is always good. I usually apply about 3 - 4  lines across my face and use a buffing brush or a sponge to blend the foundation into the skin. I noticed that, that's the best way to make the foundation look smooth and soft.

You do get a smooth and dewy finish to the overall makeup look. Depending on how much of foundation you apply you can get a medium to full coverage. I usually go for a medium coverage and use concealer as well that way the base isn't so heavy. The foundation did feel a bit heavier than the liquid foundation. Since the foundation has a dewy finish I was able to get about 3-4 hours of wear time before I noticed shine on my face and within a few hours it became quite oily I would say. I did use a mattifying powder after I blended the foundation but it didn't last that long. Usually oily skin types aren't recommended to use stick foundation as it makes the skin oily. However as it did match my skin tone, I needed to get it even though it made it oily.

Overall a good foundation that can be built up to full coverage and gives a smooth look and kind of gives a slight glow to it. I definitely recommend these two foundations. They are inexpensive and gives good coverage and they do have quite a few different shades so you will find a shade that will match your skin tone.

This is mainly for my readers from back home, I definitely suggest you give CCUK a try and check out their foundations. Hope the reviews helped. Have you tried any of the CCUK products? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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  1. Thanks a lot! This helped me a lot cuz there ain't many to recommend products for us Sri Lankans. Yup, ccuk's good mainly cuz it's totally affordable.


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