Thursday, 2 April 2015


So we are already in April, it is scary how fast times goes by and we have a new monthly favourite. So for my March favourites I have a mixture of Skincare and Makeup this month. I have been loving the L'oreal Hydrafresh Icy Gel Moisturizer, Versace Woman Perfume, VDL Brow Pencil, MAC Brow Gel, Jordana Concealer and the Ben Nye Banana Powder.


March Favourites

L'oreal Hydrafresh Icy Gel Moisturizer - I switched from a thicker moisturizer to water based much lighter moisturizer that mattifies the skin as it is getting warmer and my skin becomes much oilier. Since I moved to Hong Kong I have been always using this during the hotter months and is regular in my skincare routine.

Versace Woman Perfume - A lovely perfume for the day that isn't too over powering but still will last through out the day. It has a floral fragrance to it and I love it so much that it is almost the end of it. If you like milder perfumes then you should give this a try.

VDL Brow Pencil - I have the shade Brown with me and it is perfect match for me. My brows look lovely after filling it in with this as I like quite bolder looking brows and with this I can achieve it. I like that the brow pencil has a spooly at one and a slanted end where the pencil is as you can get right to the routes that way and shape the brows well.

MAC Brow Gel - I have Ebony Brown with me and suits me well. When you apply this on to the brows the brows will last all day and you also have the option of using it alone without a brow pencil as it is that pigmented. So if your in a hurry a good product to have with you.

Jordana Stick Concealer - It is so easy to use and blends so well that I tend to reach for this most of the time. The shade is good match for me as well so I really enjoy using it even without foundation. I have the shade Sand with me.

Ben Nye Banana Powder - This is perfect for the under eye area to set the concealer with as it gives a bit of highlight to that area. I also use it sometimes to set my foundation as well as yellow based powders go well with my complexion.

These have been my most used in March and I have been really enjoying them quite a bit. What have been your March Favourites? Let me know in the comment box below.




  1. Oohhh the HydraFresh sounds lovely, I need something like this

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. It is really nice, I am just about to repurchase it as well


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