Thursday, 5 March 2015


I did a What's in My Bag previously but decided to do one again as I have updated it and changed my bag a couple of times. Not a big difference but still if you are like me if you like to see what others carry in their bags then have a snoop around.

What's in My Bag #2

What's in My Bag #2

So here's what's inside, as I did mention before I don't have a lot but I just carry the essentials with me that I will need on a day to basis. Since I don't have 9-5 job and freelance as MUA I have another bag that I carry when I have a job to go, that makes it easier as I have one bag for all my makeup stuff.  I usually carry my Purse (obviously), my credit card holder, Octopus card holder (Train Ticket), A little makeup pouch (I have a lip balm, hand cream, moisturizer, mirror, small brush, brow brush, eye liner pencil and I will add the lipstick I am wearing on that day as well, a hair brush, wipes, tissue, chewing gum, blotting tissue, note book and pen, an umbrella (the rainy season has started in Hong Kong) and a battery charger just in case my battery runs out.

I hope it wasn't too boring and maybe you liked something that you might want to buy for yourself. What do you carry in your bag everyday? I would love to know, let me know in the comment box below.


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