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Creasing is one of my biggest issues I have when I go to do my eye makeup. My eye lids gets really oily within a few hours so I have to always use an eye primer before I start my makeup so that it will last at least about 4-5 hours before creasing starts. One of my go to eye lid primer is the NYX Eye Shadow Base in Skin Tone. I decided to review this primer because I use it on myself as well as my clients and swear by it so knew I had to share this with you guys as well.

I bought the NYX primer from a NYX outlet here in Hong Kong and it cost me around HK$96 if I remember correctly. You can find the outlets HERE


Nyx Eye Shadow Base in Nude

Nyx Eye Shadow Base in Nude

Nyx Eye Shadow Base in Nude

Nyx Eye Shadow Base in Nude

Nyx Eye Shadow Base in Nude

Nyx Eye Shadow Base in Nude

The primer has a soft and smooth texture and once applied on the eye lids it has a finish close to a satin texture. Even though it looks very highly pigmented, the colour is actually colourless and very close to a skin tone. The primer doesn't change the colour of the eye shadow, I have noticed that it does slightly increases the intensity of the darker eye shadows.

The eye shadow is easy to apply and goes on smoothly over the eye lids once the primer is applied. It makes my eye lids have a matte finish and I love that because it takes a bit longer to starts creasing. I was able to get a wear time between 4-5 hours before I started noticing a bit creasing.

Since it is skin tone its good to neutralize the eye lid area if you have dark circles and skin tone pigmentation. My eye lids are a bit darker than my skin on my face so I get an added advantage as well. I don't like using my concealer or foundation on my eyes as it becomes too heavy and tends to get clumpy since my eye lids are oily. This way I have to use less products as well.

Overall I give this two thumbs up and will definitely repurchase it again and always recommend this to my clients and friends as well.

Have you tried the NYX Eye Shadow Base before? Let me know if you have or what your favourite eye primer is at the moment in the comment box below.




  1. This looks great!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It is a life saver specially when you have oily lids


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