Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I love using toner after I get out the shower because once you do step out of a nice cold hot shower the skin become dry and sometimes that does happen to my skin. So I like to give it some moisture and life back by using toner before I start my skincare routine. A lot of people don't include the step of having a toner and some use a toner that exfoliate at the same time. I prefer the regular toner as my skin is a bit sensitive and this type is the best for it. I bought my Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 from Bonjour in Hong Kong for HK$96 and it was on offer at that moment.




The bottle has big opening so what I like to do is to empty the bottle into a plastic dispensing bottle that you sometimes get nail polish remover in as well. Obviously its not one of those I buy a new empty plastic bottle and wash it and fill it with my toner. If I don't so this then the toner gets wasted as quite a lot of toner gets wasted when getting it on to a cotton pad.



As you can see it has a dispense pump and you just need to place the cotton pad on top and press down and the toner comes out. This way you can control the amount of toner that comes out so nothing is wasted.

The toner does have alcohol in it which I didn't see before I bought as I was in a hurry when I bought it. Since I didn't want to waste I thought I will give it try and put it to the test. I have been using it for the past month I would say on a daily basis.

The toner is very strong and does have a bit of a surgical spirit smell to it every time you open it up. I didnt like that at all that was another reason I put it onto a plastic dispensing bottle. Once applying the toner it does sting your eyes and it did smart the first time I used it. Even though it does sting my eyes every time I use it I continued to use it as it was not really harsh and didn't really bother me a lot.

It is a bit strong and can dry the skin a bit as it does contain alcohol so if you have dry skin I would suggest you say away from it. As I do have oily skin it didn't really dry my skin out a lot. The toner really didn't do anything special for me at all nor did my skin feel anything. Overall I would say it didn't impress me at all and I will definitely not be repurchasing it as it does have alcohol and I prefer something a bit more gentle.

Have you used this toner by Clinique? Let me know what you think in the comment box below




  1. Sounds like a must try


    1. It is a bit strong but a could one is you have spoty skin


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