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Ever since Kim K made her Ben Nye Banana Powder really famous the craze for it has been viral and even my mom asked me to get her one as well. However I have been looking for a colourless setting powder, one that I can use on my clients as well as myself and I thought I will give the Neutral Set Powder ago and I have to say I have been quite impressed with it. If you live in Hong Kong you can buy this from Ivy League and it costs between HK$100-150 if I cam not mistaken and you can also order it on Amazon for everyone else. The powder comes in different sizes as well so you can buy the smallest size and try it out before hand to see if you like it.


Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder

The powder is extremely soft and very finely milled so when you apply it is on the face it is very light. Even if you touch it it feels so soft and smooth and easy to blend. It does seem too white in the pictures but when you apply it on the skin it gets absorbed immediately and it colourless, so any skin type can wear this without a worrying if it will match their skin.  

Applying the powder is very easy as it blends beautifully on the skin and goes over any foundation with ease and doesn't become patchy or anything like that at all. The powder gives a smooth finish and as I have oily skin it does give me a matte finish and will last around 3-4 hours before my T-Zone becomes oily. Once you have applied the powder the skin looks smooth and kind of has a glowing effect to it and the finish looks really nice where it doesn't look too powdery or cakey or like you have put too much powder.

The best part is I sometimes wear the powder without a base and it still gives that glowing effect and smoothes out the skin quite a lot. I was very impressed by that actually. My mom even says that she has got quite a lot of compliments wearing this just alone without any foundation. 

So my overall impression is really good as it gives a smooth look to your makeup and completes the look and you can wear it alone as well if you have oily skin like me and you just don't feel like wearing anything on a particular day. I even apply this on my clients and it looks amazing and suits any skin colour so without a worry I can use this. Which also means less products to carry with me when I go out on a job.

Have you tried the Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder? Let me know if you have in the comment box below.




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