Friday, 20 March 2015


Recently I was having a conversation with my friend about shoes and to be specific High heeled shoes and I was saying I prefer flats to heels and then y friend suggested Oxford Shoes. I have actually being eyeing a pair and been wanting get one for myself but unfortunately every time I go my size seems to have run out. Is it a sign that I shouldn't get? Any way I shall have that pair soon, hopefully as my fingers are crossed.

Since I fancy a nice pair Oxford Shoes I thought I will share a few styles that are nice and are appropriate for almost any occasion.


Oxford Shoes
Top Row - Asos, Aldo 
Bottom Row - Aldo

The name Oxford came after became widely popular among the students from the Oxford University.
I think you can style these shoes with most outfits whether is just jeans and t-shirt or even a summer dress it will look good. If you do get a bit of flamboyant shoe then keep the outfit simple.There are so many different styles and prints to choose from today that they have become very popular and I have seen people even wear them to work. I have heard that they are supposed to be super comfy and very comfortable to walk in. I guess that depends on where you bought it.

I have been want to get a pair from Aldo myself as when you wear it, it does look really nice and I cant wait to style it with a pair of jeans and a dressy shirt for a night out.

Does the Oxford Shoe style appeal to you or are you not comfortable with it? Let me know what you think in the comment box below



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