Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I do love a goo pink nail polish, I know that way I am a bit too girly even for my liking as well. I bought the Revlon Iced Mauve awhile ago and like wearing it during summer as it is more suitable for when the sun is out. I bought Mine from sasa for HK$25 but you can buy it from Watsons and Mannings as well here in Hong Kong.


NOTD | Revlon Iced Mauve

NOTD | Revlon Iced Mauve

NOTD | Revlon Iced Mauve

NOTD | Revlon Iced Mauve

NOTD | Revlon Iced Mauve

The nail polish is actually quite opaque and thick in texture that even one coat is more than enough to get the proper color showing. I like to apply two coats as nail polish tends to chip much faster on me. I apply a top as that gives an extra shine to the complete look. The nail polish does have a slight glitter/shimmer effect but it isn't too much and I think that makes the pink look not so pinky.  The usual chipping time which is roughly 3 days for me and then its time to change. Sometimes when you don't have time I think this is perfect because just one coat is more than enough and dries much faster as well.

Overall I love the colour because I like pink but even if you don't like pink I think you should give it ago as this doesn't look so girly.

Do you wear pink nail polish or are you just not the type? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.




  1. Wow this is such a lovely shade and it looks great with your skintone as well!

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. Thank you! Ya I know that's why I bought it and since it is a bit darker it isn't too bright


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