Friday, 13 March 2015


Mini Skirts are not exactly my thing but I do love a nice short skirt like everyone else. I do like the length of my short skirts to be in between the mini skirt length and the knee length skirt as that suits me a bit better and I am more comfortable at that length as well. Having a mini skirt in your wardrobe I think should be a staple and I have a few in my collection as well. This what I have added to my ever growing wardrobe collection.


Mini Skirts
Top Row (L-R) Cotton On, Zara, 
Bottom Row (L-R) Cotton On, Zara 

I enjoy wearing a nice skirt myself and I prefer the printed skirts as I like wearing then with printed tops as I feel that this makes it easy to accessorize and easy to style. I hardly wear heels and prefer to wear flats so most of the time I accessorize it with jewellery so even if I go out in the night it looks more dressed up with even with the flats. 

These are my favourite skirts and I have worn them plenty of times and continue to wear them out. I like wearing them even during winter with a pair of stockings either printed or plain.

What is your take on Mini Skirts? Do you like them or like me prefer the in between length? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.



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