Wednesday, 18 February 2015


When it comes to body lotions I am a big lotion junkie, I love trying different body lotions. I do have a few of my favourites as well like this St.Ives Body Lotion. I have never used any body care products from Nivea before but when I saw this body lotion I was actually quite intrigued and just needed to try it out. It is meant for dry skin as it is still cold these days I tend to have drier skin so needed to try something new for dry skin. As an added bonus the Nivea Body Milk has Shea Butter and I love Shea  Butter in body lotions, they smell amazing and are really good for the skin.




As you can see the packaging is very basic and nothing much to talk about. What I like the most is that it has pump like motion to dispense the body lotion. That way you don't waste the product as well as you can control how much of the product you want. I cant exactly remember how much I paid for it but it definitely less that HK$100. You can but it from most beauty shops and little chemists around Hong Kong. The claim is that it is supposed to be fast absorbing, Revitalising for the skin and leaves the skin nourished and smooth. It also say it will keep it hydrated for 24+ hours. Lets see how it compares to the claims it proclaims to achieve.

I have been using the body milk everyday for the past month or even more and I have to say as my first Nivea experience I have to say that I am quite impressed. The body milk itself isn't too thick as I hate when they are thick as it takes time to apply as well as get absorbed. This one was relatively fast and I didn't have to wait to wear my clothes after applying the body milk. The smell is incredible and is not too over powering but I think just the right amount.

My skin has been feeling nice and well quite frankly nourished. It hasn't felt tight or itchy at all since I started using this Nivea body milk. My skin has been feeling soft, specially my arms. It is dermatologically tested where it is supposed to adapt to your skin type so if you have sensitive skin you shouldn't worry and should be able to give this a try if you want to. On the whole my skin has been feeling nourished and does feel smooth. The only thing I would say is that it didn't keep my skin hydrated for 24+ hours.

Well it did live up to most of its claims so if you are on the look out for a relatively inexpensive body lotion I would say give this a try. It will help with dry skin issues and will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Have you tried any skincare products from Nivea? I would like to know what you recommend and what your favourite is.




  1. I love Nivea, there products are always great quality

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I was quite impressed myself. Shall look out for a few different ones as well


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