Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Sunscreen is not something we are used to wearing all the time nor is it a habit for us that it is in our daily skincare routine. I surely don't have it added to my skincare routine but I do know a few people who do and if you are one of them then well done you will have awesome skin in years to come. The sun does quite a bit of damage to our skin on a daily basis and the best way to protect it is to wear a sunscreen everyday. Unfortunately most sunscreens tend to be thick and heavy and sometimes makes the skin oilier than usual. It was recently that I started using a sunscreen but even then I mostly wear it during summer or hotter days. As summer is around the corner I thought it would only be fair to share a good sunscreen that I came across and share it with you guys so that you may have a good sunscreen for the hotter days ahead. I have the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen with me today and I did enjoy using it and will continue to use it this summer as well.


The sunscreen cost around HK$140 and bought mine from Watsons, you can also pick it up from any  Mannings, Bonjour and sasa in Hong Kong. The best part is it has a SPF of 70 so the sun rays penetrating will much less.


The sunscreen is thick in texture and but soft to the touch and can easily be blended over the skin. Once the sunscreen has been applied it does get absorbed very fast and you don't have to wait in between applying the sunscreen and moisturizer. I like that because you don't waste time and specially in the mornings most of us are in a hurry.

The real test was when I went for a tennis tournament which was the whole day where the sun was at its peak. I applied this on my face and neck. I got my hubby to apply it as well as the sun in Hong Kong can burn the skin. It was a hot and humid day and by the end of the day when I went home my face wast burnt or discoloured but the rest of my arm that wasn't covered and didn't apply the sunscreen was a bit sun burnt.

I have used the sunscreen and then applied my foundation as well and the foundation didn't get patchy or blotchy but went on smoothly and as usual. Normally the case is sometime the foundation gets a bit uneven when you use a sunscreen so you wont have to worry about that issue. I have not tested it out regarding it being waterproof so I cant really comment on that but I will try it out and let you know.

Overall it does serve its purpose and will help to keep you safe from the sun. You can wear your foundation as usual as well but you will need to be careful if there will be any flash photography as there can be flash backs. Other wise quite an inexpensive sunscreen that does work well and I will definitely recommend this for daily wear and specially for holidays.

Have you used any sunscreen creams from Neutrogena? I would like to know what you thought if it and if it helped you out.



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