Thursday, 26 February 2015


Having time for a bath is a good way to have some alone time and relax as well as pamper yourself after a long busy week. Lush undoubtedly is known for having awesome bath products and we all love them. I bought the Blackberry Bath Bomb. It cost HK$50 which isn't too expensive I would say. Bath Bombs are supposed to fizz out when you drop it in the water and each one has a different fragrance and awesome colour to it.



So while filling the tub I squeezed the bath bomb under the water like normally do with the bath ballistics that I normally buy. I completely forgot that you have to throw it in the water and let it fizz so I didn't get any bubbles and had to add a add my Bath Essence for the bubbles. The Blackberry Bath Bomb once in the water turn a lovely purple colour and the water looks lovely.

To be honest I love the Lush bath products, they are relaxing and really enjoyable. This bath bomb didn't do anything for me except have a lovely colour to it and fragrance. It did smell like blackberry and even after I got out of the bath the smell was there for awhile. Even if I do buy it again it will be for the colour and not for the benefits its supposed to have.

Overall it was a bit disappointing but I did get purple colour water to soak myself in and have a nice relaxing time. They do have different ones so next time I will be trying something different for sure. If you like purple then I would say to give this ago.

Have to tried the Blackberry Bath Bomb from Lush? Did you like it or not? Let me know what you think




  1. This is my absolute favourite Lush product ever. Haha, it's so funny how people get different things from them all. I hope that you find one that you fall in love with soon... i really enjoy the fizz banger... maybe give that one a try xxx

    x Ree x

    1. Ya I know for some reason I didn't like it. I have tried a few fizz bangers. Going to buy a few more products shall look for a few nice ones. I hope I find one I really like too

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