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I have been talking about skincare from Kate Somerville recently and have been really enjoying their products quite a lot. I still haven't gotten through half of the products that I have. Today I have the Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer with me. I was lucky enough to win a give away with Sassy Hong Kong where I got a bunch of products. I doubt if not I would have been able to afford all the products I got. Kate Somerville is a bit on the high end price tag. It cost HK$595 and can be purchased at any Kate Somerville counters

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer religiously for over 4 weeks and I have fallen in love. My skin can get a bit dry during winter even though it is oily on a normal basis. As a habit I normally don't use heavy thick moisturizers as they do tend to make my skin oilier but during winter it actually does help my skin and keeps my oily skin surprisingly under control. However this particular moisturiser is oil free so there is an added advantage for oily girls like us.

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer

The mositurizer comes in a little tub that you need to push the top down and a small amount of cream will pop out. That amount is more than enough for the whole face. Even though the moisturizer is a bit thick in texture once you apply it on your face it does get absorbed relatively quickly and doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all.

Lets see how I got along with this moisturizer now. To be honest I was actually a bit skeptic at first because it was quite thick but after about a week of using this I noticed the difference my skin was showing. The most noticeable difference was that my skin looked less shiny and oily during the day. Normally by mid day my T-Zone starts becoming oily and then in a few hours quite oily. So this change was absolutely amazing and I loved it. The recommended tip is to use this on oily patches only but I used it on my whole complexion. My skin was so much softer and smoother and looked plumper. As if my skin had got a new life.

Once you have applied the moisturizer and it has absorbed into the skin, applying your base or foundation is an absolute heaven. My foundation went on so smoothly that I have never seen it happen before on my skin. You can even apply the foundation 30 minutes to 1 hour after and it will still be the same and the foundation will go on smoothly without an issue. I love that because sometime I do my skincare routine and get dressed and then apply my makeup last.

The moisturizer in a nut shell is amazing and one of the best I have ever used. To be honest I have never used a high end skincare product before so I don't have anything to compare it with but I do see the appeal now and understand why people spend so much on expensive skincare products. I would definitely recommend this moisturizer and if you want to spend a bit on skincare I would definitely tell you to get your hands on this. A good moisturizer is key to having good skin.

Have you tried this product or any skincare products from Kate Somerville?



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  1. I have never heard of this brand, thanks for sharing!

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