Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I used to hate applying thick moisturizers on my face as it becomes really oily by morning. However since recent I have been having a few dry patches and my skin has become more combination type so I have been applying a few thicker moisturizers to help with the dryness. In comes the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream, its amazing and has helped me a lot in handle the dryness and has given enough moisture to my skin so it isn't too dry. Kate Somerville has an amazing skincare range and I absolutely love it. You can read my review on their Oil Free Moisturizer as I have been using their skincare products recently.



I mainly use this moisturizer in the night before I go to bed. This moisturizer is mainly aimed to help dry or damaged skin and sooth it. This is enabled by the goat milk that is infused in it as goat milk is very good for the skin. In the ancient time women used to bath in goat milk to achieve pure and flawless skin. So there has to be a truth to it so I was very intrigued by it. The moisturizer also has lactic acid to help renew the complexion and reveal new skin.

The moisturiser costs HK$ 595 so it is a bit on the higher price range but I have to say that it does last awhile as I have been using mine for about 3 months now even though it is a 50ml tub. The packaging very practical and easy to use. I was told that the packaging was made to make the whole process easy for the consumer. All you need to do is press down the top part and a small amount of moisturizer will pop out and that is more than enough for the whole face and neck area.



The mositurizer is super soft and easy to blend on the skin. Once the moisturizer is applied the skin is absolutely super soft and the moisturizer gets absorbed quite fast as well. The cream does feel a bit heavy when you touch it but the cream doesn't feel heavy at all once applied and feel light on the skin. Once I have applied the moisturizer in the morning my skin felt super soft and well hydrated. It wasn't overly hydrated but the right amount that didn't make me break out in the morning. I also noticed that wearing this cream in the morning helped my skin become less oily during the day and helped me control my otherwise oily skin.

I would definitely recommend this for girls like me with combination to even oily skin to help control their oily skin. You have excess oil  during the day because your skin is a bit dehydrated and to balance that off the skin pulling out the oil deep inside to keep it hydrated so then it becomes much oilier. Keeping the skin hydrated is also important for oily skin. So if your afraid that it might become oilier then use it in the night and see how your skin reacts to it, that's the best way to try out a bit richer moisturizer.

Overall  the mositurizer has helped me control my oily skin during the day and keeps it hydrated throughout the night so that it isn't dehydrated and tight the next morning. The only issue I have is the price tag but if you think you can manage that then by all means go ahead as it is absolutely worth every penny you pay.

Have you used any skincare products from Kate Somerville? Let me know what you think of their range if you have used any of it before.



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