Thursday, 12 February 2015


I have been collecting my empties so I can share them with you because sometimes it maybe be helpful to see what someone else's experience is with a particular product before buying it for yourself. I like to see what people have been using and enjoying that way you can make a list if al the products you need to try out as well. So today I have my first product empties post and hope to continue this when ever I have collected a few that I can share or feel its worth sharing.


I have with me the The Body Shop Moringa Cream Body Scrub, Crabtree & Evelyn Glistening Face Serum, L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Essence, Kate Somerville  Clarifying Treatment Toner. Its only 4 products but it does take time to finish products.


The Body Shop Body Scrub - The most noticeable thing is the smell, it smells amazing and smells of flowers. The scrub itself is super soft and very gentle on the skin. I use it at least once a week and use it before I shave my legs and it makes the skin soft and the shaving process much easier. I have used so many of these scrubs I cant count. I also use the body butter as well as that way the fragrance lasts much longer. Once you have used the body scrub you will notice how soft  and smooth your skin feels after using it just after one use. It is very good of you have dry skin as this will help get rid of all the dead skin and renew the skin. I would definitely recommend this and will be repurchasing this again.

Crabtree & Evelyn Glistening Face Serum - This is a super light face serum and doesn't feel heavy at all. I got a lot of compliments after I started using this serum as my skin was glowing looked so refreshed. There is slight honey fragrance to it but not too overpowering at all. If your skin needs a little or a pick me up then definitely give this a try. You can read my review HERE

L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Essence - I had very bad dark circles and after I started using this eye serum overnight I saw a big difference and it has helped me reduce my dark circles and keep it under control. The skin under the eye area looked less tired and much brighter within 4 weeks and so I would definitely recommend this for you guys. I will be repurchasing it for sure in the near future. You can read my review HERE

Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner - An alcohol free toner that is very gentle on the skin that can be used everyday. my skin didn't react nor did it feel tight after using it. If your looking for a toner to use everyday I suggest you give this a try as its not too harsh. You can read my review HERE

I have been enjoying using these products and have seen differences in my skin and would gladly recommend them for you to try out. Most of the products are not on the higher price range which makes them all affordable and easy to get your hands on.

Have you used any of the products I have mentioned? I would like to hear about your experience or what you have been using lately.




  1. L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Essence sounds really interesting!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


    1. It is good. You should try it out. It has helped me a lot to get rid of dark circles

  2. I tried the bodylotion from the bodyshop but not yet the scrub! Deffinitly going to get it now! <3

    1. You definitely should try them. They are amazing and really gentle on the skin

  3. Need to try the body butter from the body shop soon haha<3
    Thanks for sharing, love!


    1. Your welcome, You should try the body butter it is good


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