Friday, 13 February 2015


Pumps are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and they are my go to for any kind of occasion if I can get away wearing pumps. My eyes always go towards the pointed pumps for some reason. I think they have a better appeal and makes the overall look more sophisticated. I see now that even people going to work wear pumps as I assume they are looking for comfort more and more now.

I thought I will share a few stylish pumps as summer is on its way as well and they are so comfortable on your feet that they do deserve a whole post by its self.

1. Zara  2. New Look  3. New Look  4. H&M  5. Dune  6. Asos  7. H&M

Black is versatile and goes with most outfits and can be styles with anything you want to wear. I have a few different options and I personally have No 2 and it is so comfortable and I wear it out in the night and it looks really good. As the weather gets hotter the strappy pumps and sandals come out so I have an option for that as well if you like in No 6

These are a few that I have been eyeing and think are really wonderful and thought I should them with you. As I have a bad back issue I have been mostly wearing pumps for the last few years and on occasion wear heels. So I know what it is to love pumps and I am always on the look out for new comfortable and stylish pumps and mainly pointed pumps.

So here's my selection and I hope to at least add few more to my collection. I don't have the space but I am sure that I wont be able to help myself.

What is your idea on pumps and do you like the pointed pumps or the more rounder pumps?



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