Friday, 13 February 2015


I remember wearing dungarees as a kid and then all of a sudden it was not in fashion. They were so comfortable and I lived in a tropical country that was so important if not you'll be all hot and sweaty and no body wants that. I was recently going through Pinterest (I mean who doesn't love Pinterest) and saw that dungarees have come back in style and thought I need to further investigate this.

Today there are dungaree dresses, shorts and the regular style. They are so easy to style and can look very stylish if styled well. You need to keep it simple and clean. Wear a plain T-Shirt and maybe a pair of ankle boots or sneakers and your good to go. Maybe add a bit of jazz to it by wearing a few accessories like a necklace or a pair of earrings. You can even wear a pair of heels and wear it out in the night as well. So many different style options and that's why I love it.

1. H&M  2. Hilfiger  3. New Look  4. Asos  5. Asos

I will definitely be going to get one for myself as I have a few overseas holidays as well and they would be perfect as the weather will be warmer as well. They are easy to style and mostly denim so it wont get that shabby looking and wont look dirty even if I wear it a few times.

Dungarees are so fun and young looking that most people and pull it off and look good without a lot of effort needed. I will definitely be wearing pumps with them may wear even wear it on a night out. Who knows endless possibilities.

What do you think of dungarees?


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