Friday, 20 February 2015


Vintage fashion is quite big among certain fashionistas and there so many stores that specialise is vintage clothes around the world. I personally love the 20's and a bit of the 50's and 60's as well. I always say I want to have a party for a birthday with a 1920's theme, it would be so great. So hopefully one day I can do it. Some people can really pull it off and look really good sporty vintage fashion items. Since I like a bit of vintage I thought I will share what I like and what I would if it was me. I'm sure there are a few of you who like vintage fashion, so here goes. If vintage is not your style then you can incorporate a bit of vintage with today's fashion and have a mix of it if you prefer that. I am a bit of that mix so I found on Asos that you can but fashionable pieces that can be worn even today. I just had to share them with you

1-6 Asos

These style's are so wearable today and we can all try out a bit of old with the new. I have a wedding coming up and I am getting a dress done with a bit of vintage incorporated into it and I am so excited for it.

Its nice to remember the fashion statements that got us here today and made fashion what it is today. I know a few people that were inspired to become fashion designers through vintage fashion. So its good that we can buy a few pieces that represent the old and new.

What do you think of vintage fashion and do you like the mix or just the styles from a particular era?



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