Friday, 23 January 2015


Tailored looks aren't something new but aren't quite something we wear everyday. It is something that would be suitable for work or a particular function. Since recent the tailored look has become more and more popular and has a very high polished look to it. A tailored look if done correctly can be a perfect fit and give you an upper class as well as find an outfit that will fit your budget.

These blazers are perfect to put a stylish outfit together. The black blazer get be worn with a stylish pair of trousers or even with a pair of jeans and your good to go. I think tailored outfits look good, very stylish and can be carried by anyone. Tailored looks can be styled so that it fits your body type and figure.

New Look Blazer

New Look Blazer

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H&M Jeans
Tailored looks have even got on to the street as street style among fshionistas today. I think it gives a sense of punk to a look and that is what is making it popular. When ever I travel I always wear a pair of jeans for comfort and a style it with a shirt and a blazer. Its always nice to be dressed well you never know you might get upgraded, so dress for the occasion.

What do you think of the tailored look? Will you be adopting it any time soon?



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