Monday, 26 January 2015


I love lipsticks and this is the first time I am trying a lipstick from NYX and I have to say I am very happy. The lipstick is quite a nice nude shade for darker skin tones. Lola is cremesheen lipstick and is absolutely soft and a dream to wear on the lips. The lipstick cost HK$69 and can be bought at any NYX counters in Hong Kong. 

The lipstick is easy to apply and easy to wear. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips or uncomfortable. It didn't dry my lips either but it felt better on the lips once I wore a lip balm before applying it. There was a bit of bleeding of the lips that I noticed so I would recommend wearing a lip liner before hand. After a meal there was a bit of wearing off that was visible. You will need to reapply so it will be a good idea to have the lipstick on hand. The lipstick lasted about 4 hours and is very opaque on the lips and I love that it is very opaque. You don't need to go over on the lips several times with the lipstick.

The lipstick is a lovely budget friendly lipstick that lasts quite long and is very opaque. There is a range of colours to choose from so you can definitely find at least one lipstick you like.

I would definitely recommend this lipstick for anyone who love the brand NYX and would like to try their lipsticks. The lipstick is lovely all round and a lovely colour.

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