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I know I know everyone says face wash isn't the way to go, but then again why do such experienced high end skincare brands still make them. So many other high street brands as well are making different types of face washes. Well at the moment I don't have the whys and hows but I do have a face wash that I have been using that I would like to share with you guys.

I don't use face wash on a regular basis but I do have one with me just in case I am in a rush and don't have time to do a proper cleanse or just feel a bit lazy. You do have those days where you just feel like snuggling under the bed and never coming out. I use it if I am in a rush or on those days that I feel that my skin is feeling a bit oily and specially in summer if I have gone out and my skin is feeling a bit dirtier, I use it while in the shower after I have used a cleanser.


I was able to win a skincare consultation by Sassy Hong Kong on one of their give aways by Kate Somerville in Hong Kong and after the consultation I was given a goody bag full of products and this was one of the products in it. You can read my experience I had with them as I did a blog post about it.

The Gentle Daily Face Wash by Kate Somerville is very gentle and mild on the skin. It is quite unlike anything I have used before. You can buy it at any Kate Somerville counters and it costs HK$295 and you get 120ml of product and it does last a long time if you don't use it everyday. The face wash itself is a clear gel and once it comes in contact with water it gets lathered up but not very soap like. I like that because some times when it is very soap like it gets in the yes and can sting. This face wash I think is quite perfect in that way.

The packaging is actually different as well, to get the face wash out you need to twist the cap, once you do the product doesn't come gushing out, you need to squeeze the tube to get it out so you can actually control how much of it comes out and you don't get to much product out but just the right amount. The packaging is made to make the process easy for the customer.

The face wash is supposed unclog pores and help remove makeup while maintaining the skins moisture levels leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed. I did feel that my skin felt very clean after using it but I never used it to remove makeup so I cant really speak on that aspect. I do know that it didn't dry my skin and my skin didn't feel tight after using it unlike most face washes make you feel.It is gentle enough that it is specialised for sensitive skin so for you girls that need to be careful with what you put on your face, give this ago.

It is a good alternative for those lazy days and those days that you don't have enough time in the morning. The face wash does clean the skin and is gentle enough you could use it everyday.I would recommend this face wash by Kate Somerville rather than any other face wash as I did benefit from this and use it regularly so I can vouch for it. i

What is your take on face washes? Do you use them or not?



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