Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I have heard people saying that there is no use in using a toner after you get out of the shower that it was an old tradition to add to your skincare routine. I feel incomplete if I don't use a toner in my skincare routine so I still use one everyday. I feel that once you have stepped out a hot shower your skin can feel a bit dry and tight. Using a toner can help moisturise the skin and reduce the dryness as well as remove any residue left behind from the cleanser.

My skin is very sensitive so I like to use toners that are alcohol free and this toner from Kate Somerville is alcohol free and extremely gentle on the skin. The toner costs HK$220 which is a bit pricey but I do think it is worth it as it lasts quite a long time. I have been using mine for almost 3 months.


The Clarifying Treatment Toner is oil free as well fragrance free which is excellent when you have skin like mine. The bottle has a pump mechanism which when you use controls how much of product comes out, that way you wont waste and can get the right amount out toner onto the cotton pad.

The toner is supposed to help reduce shine without over drying or stripping the skin too much. The toner has Phytic Acid which is to help brighten the skin. It did help get rid of any left over residue from the cleanser and remove excess oil as well. I like the toner because its very gentle and after using it my skin didn't feel tight or dry. Normally when it does that my skin becomes even more oily as the skin over producing oil to compensate for what was stripped. This way my oily skin is under control. My skin also felt very clean after I had used it and was a clean canvas to start my skincare routine.

Its gentle and doesn't strip the skin, so if like me you have sensitive and oily skin I would definitely recommend this for you.

Do you use a toner in your daily skincare routine? I sure do and would like to know what you think of this toner by Kate Somerville if you have used it.




  1. I love using a toner it seems to remove my makeup even after using a makeup remover..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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