Monday, 12 January 2015


I love long lashes that you don't need to load mascara or wear fake lashes to get that effect. However I am not one of those lucky people so I have to keep looking out for a good mascara that would be able to give me that effect.

I am sure you would have heard of Jordana, an American beauty brand. They have good quality makeup products for an affordable price. I was fan of Jordana makeup and then when I stopped working took a break from wearing makeup as I was a crew member and wore makeup almost daily and completely stopped buying any makeup. So I decided that my skin needed a break from it all.

Recently I made a trip back home and bought a few stuff from Jordana, unfortunately in Hong Kong you cant buy Jordana products you can buy a few from an online store called Argus.


This mascara from Jordana is amazing and I got the colour 01- Black. The packaging is very basic and nothing too impressive, but it does look nice and is very light and of course travel friendly. The mascara apparently has a new formula that will help thicken your lashes. You will be able to get fuller, lashes without any clumping. There 4 colours available in this range. The mascara wand bristles are the basic and I actually prefer that they are not made from plastic, as its much easier to maneuver and reach the roots of the lashes.

Applying the mascara is very easy, the wand is easy to use and very light. I keep the wand right at the root and wiggle it upwards and that's the best way to get the most out of the mascara. When taking the mascara out of the tube excess mascara doesn't come out as well which is a good things. You don't waste any product and you wont get too much on your lashes as well. 

Once you have applied the mascara there is no clumping or the lashes sticking together. The best part was my husband NOTICED a difference and asked me if I was wearing anything on my lashes. Now that is a HUGE accomplishment as he wouldn't notice anything that intricate. I think that speaks volume for the mascara and what it can do. To put it simply the mascara made my lashes exactly the way I wanted, they felt comfortable, long, fuller and thicker. I loved how my lashes looked after two coats have been applied. Normally when I go any where most of the time I keep my mascara simple, I just wear my mascara, line my eyes and do my brows. That's my routine unless its an occasion or a party. This is the perfect mascara for that and do dress your look up.

So I think when I say that mascara is a good affordable option to get fluttering lashes I am certainly not wrong. I would definitely recommend this for you, specially if you have short lashes and if you have long lashes then it'll just make your lashes even longer and beautiful.

Have you tried any mascara's from Jordana? Did you find it as good as I did?




  1. You just make me really want to buy this mascara <3
    It sounds so amazing and affordable!


    1. Yes it is and you should give it a try


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