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In Hong Kong face masks are very popular and Korean and Taiwan face masks are extremely popular. Jelly based face masks seem to be very popular and are very new to me in fact. So as curious as I was, I was tempted to get my hands on one and test it out. I have read a few reviews about Annie's Way face masks and thought I will give this a try and bought their Brightening Jelly Mask.

The mask is a clear jelly and is the consistency of a soft jelly that has set half way through. Its very smooth and soft to the touch. The mask comes with a spatula so that you don't have to use your hands to scoop out the product. You actually use the spatula to apply the mask on to the face and smoothen it and even it out, so yo get a nice thin layer on the face.

The mask costs around HK$150 and can be bought at any Bonjour and Mannings outlet in Hong Kong. You can purchase it online from Yesstyle and they do ship world wide.

The jelly mask is made of Arbutin which is used to brighten the skin and Hyaluronic acid which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. The mask is supposed to brighten, moisturise, minimize fine lines, leave skin looking radiant and bright. It is meant for darker skin tones and dry skin. So I was actually tempted to buy it even more. Once you apply it on to the skin, it gives a cooling effect but it isn't too cold that it feels uncomfortable. You are supposed to apply a thin layer of the mask after you have cleansed and toned your skin and leave it  on for 30 minutes on your face. I have been using this mask once a week for the past month or so and specially when my skin was feeling tired and lifeless.

While you have the mask on, the mask doesn't dry or get tight and feel uncomfortable. It does get absorbed a bit but not so that it vanishes completely. Once the 30 minutes were up and it was time to remove was the challenge. I used the spatula to scrape of what ever I could and then used a wash cloth soaked in warm water and wiped my face. That made it easier to remove the mask and it came off with ease.

I did notice that my skin looked so much more plumper and brighter immediately after using just once. My skin looked less tired and moisturised because during winter my skin gets quite dry even though I have oily to combination skin. This helps reduce the dryness and my skin doesn't look lifeless.

When it comes to minimizing fine lines I didn't notice a difference as I don't really have a lot of fine lines but it surely did brighten and leave my skin radiant looking. A quick fix to get your skin looking plumper and awake if you need to go some where or even just to give your skin some life.

I would definitely recommend this jelly mask to anyone who want to brighten up your skin and get radiant looking skin.

Have you tried this jelly mask or for that matter any jelly masks before? I would love to hear what you think of it




  1. So interesting.. I have new heard of a jelly mask before!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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