Thursday, 22 January 2015


I love perfumes that are strong is their fragrance, that way they last much longer on you. When the perfumes has a strong fragrance I have noticed that it compliments my skin much better than when I wear a perfume that smells floral. I love collecting perfumes and have at least five different perfumes with me at any given time. I know I'm a hoarder, but I have perfumes that I wear during the day and different perfumes for a night out. Here is a look at my 3 favourite perfumes

L to R - Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Hugo Boss Deep Red, Chance Chanel Eau Fraiche

As you can see its almost to the end, I love to wear it during the day as it lasts all day. Even though it is quite strong it isn't too over powering and that's why I like to wear it during the day. I got EDP version which is Eau De Parfum. The packaging is very nice, it comes in a silver tin kind of package and the bottle itself is lovely as you can see in the picture. It also comes with a safety pin so its travel friendly and quite light to carry around. It has a vanilla fragrance mixed with a touch of floral (Rose) in it. I love it and use it very sparingly. Just two to three pumps is more than enough. 

My all time favourite perfume. This was the first perfume I bought with my own money to this day keep repurchasing this every time I run out of it. Its an EDP as well and I have noticed that EDP perfumes smell stronger and last much longer on the skin as well. The packaging is very basic, comes in a black box but the bottle is a deep red and looks nice and sturdy. It is quite heavy so not very travel friendly. It smells amazing, there is a hint of floral, vanilla and a woody smell. Its quite strong so I mainly wear it during a night out unless I will be out the whole day. It does last all day and it just fabulous. It makes me feel sexy  after wearing this and I would say this is my signature smell. 

More on the expensive price range, so I am very careful and don't waste it. This is EDT which is Eau De Toilette so it isn't all that strong. The packaging was basic, came in a light green box but the bottle is quite nice and quite travel friendly I would say. The perfume is actually green in colour but when sprayed on the skin it is clear. So don't worry you wont turn green. It has a woody and citrus smell to it but it isn't too over powering. It gives fresh feel once you have it on, like summer. I wear it during the day mostly but sometimes wear it during the night as well.

If you live in Hong Kong you can buy them at the brand outlets as well as sasa and Bonjour as well. If you want to learn more about these perfumes and what they are made of you can go to


What do you think of selection of favourite perfumes? Are any of these your favourites as well?




  1. I love the Chanel Chance range and the green one is the only one I don't have.It sounds gorgeous though,so think I will be taking the plunge soon.Great post xx

    1. Its lovely and worth the high price. Glad you liked it


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