Thursday, 15 January 2015


Who doesn't love a good soak in a nice warm bubbly bubble bath. Its so relaxing and you get to have a little of me time and let out some steam. Its also a good play to catch up on some reading and maybe have a glass of wine with a few candles lit or you always have the option of making a bubble bath for two and making it a romantic moment for you and your partner. Which ever option you choose you do need something to get your bubble going on, in comes the M&S Bath Essence in Rose.


I have never used any bath products from M&S before so there's really nothing to compare but recently there was a sale in December and thought I will buy a few products and give it  ago and see. The Bath Essence cost HK$45 and can be bought from any M&S outlet in Hong Kong.The bath essence has a rose fragrance to it and it is supposed to cleanse and moisturise the skin that's supposed to leave the skin soft.

I poured about 3 drops of the essence into the bath tub while the water was filling. That way more bubbles are produced and I didn't know if this will give bubble or not so thought that this would be a good option. I came back in about 3 minutes and the tub was filled with bubbles and the bathroom smelled of roses.

As you can see in the picture there is loads of bubbles and I love that. Its so comforting when you get into the bubble bath. The bath essence didn't have a colour, if you do see a slight yellow colour that is the bath fizz that I added as well (review will be up of this as well)

There wasn't anything extra specially about the bath essence but I liked the smell and bubbles and the smell stayed for awhile even after I got out of the bath. I didn't really feel that it was moisturising on the skin but for the price I think its a good option to have with you when you want to have a soak in the bath.

I would definitely recommend this for you as it does give a lot of bubbles and if you like bubbles then this a good choice.

Have you tried any bath products from M&S?



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