Friday, 23 January 2015


I love a good pair of fitting jeans just like anyone out there and it is quite difficult to find a perfect match. How ever recently I have seen denim clothing becoming quite popular. I actually only own jeans as apart of denim in my wardrobe. I do love a nice denim jacket specially during the time where the season is changing from winter to spring as it is not too cold so you don't need to pile on the clothes to keep warm.

I thought I will take a look at a few stylish clothes other than the obvious jeans and jean shirts, that are worth investing in and share them with you for some inspiration.


You can dress this body-con denim dress with a pair of high heels for a night out 
New Look Denim Dress
Shirt dress for a casual look or a for a night out. You can wear a think black belt and then maybe wear a pair of wedges to dress it up.
Levi's Denim Shirt Dress
H&M Denim Dress

I thought I will add a pair of dungarees as they are very stylish and look great if styled well. Wear a long sleeved top with a pair of heels and you have a stylish outfit in a few minutes
H&M Dungarees

Dr Denim Denim Skirt 

As in the picture a pair of flats and a crop top will give you a very stylish outfit


H&M Denim Jacket

I think its perfect to dress up and outfit or even with a pair of jeans during spring and summer


G-Star Denim Heels

YRU Denim Pumps
A pair of high heels and pumps for your choice. I personally love the pair of heels, as it can dress up an outfit that looks comfortable.


American Apparel Denim Clutch
I thought I will add a clutch bag as well because it looks stylish and can be styled with most outfits. That's what I love about denim, there are no restrictions and rules with its so styling it is easy. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

What do you think of denim clothing except for jeans? Do you wear other clothing items made from denim?



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