Friday, 2 January 2015


As it is a new year it means new resolutions, hope and dreams for 2015, I hope everyone gets to achieve what they want this year. Having said that its time to start the blogging year with a review and today I have a 3 wick candle by Bath & Body Works in Sparkling Berry Fizz. 

This candle is amazing and it is the first time I have used a candle from Bath & Body Works and I must say I am sold. I bought mine from United Depot for HK$199 which is very reasonable and they do last a long time so you do get your moneys worth. If you live in Hong Kong you can buy them from United Depot and Dudes @ HK 

The fragrance smells of fruit and actually smells very fruity. The whole house smells amazing when I light this candle and the smell lasts quite a long time around the house. This is perfect to light before guests come into your house as its very light and not too overpowering at all. I absolutely love it and cant wait to get my hands on a few more for the other rooms. They do have various sizes and so many different fragrances to choose from I was so confused when I had to select one to try out.

Overall the candle is smells amazing and believe me when I say this the first candle that I bought that actually where the smell lasts long and where the fragrance is actually emitted while burning. I definitely recommend candles by Bath & Body Works for you guys to try out. Well worth it.

Have you tried candles by Bath & Body Works? Did you like them as much as I did? Let me know what you think as I would love to hear what you have to say.



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