Thursday, 8 January 2015


So I decided to write something a bit different today, Something to get you all excited about the weekend. Weekends are usually for unwinding and getting some quality rest, specially if you are working full time. So you can prepare for the upcoming weekend. We usually get up a bit later than usual or the upstairs neighbours start making a big noise exactly at 9 am almost everyday like clock work. We are still trying to figure out what that noise is. Usually we have brunch at home, make a full breakfast at home and maybe laze around a bit before really deciding what needs to be done and what do this weekend. Here are my take on 5 different things to do this weekend.

5 Different Things To Do This Weekend

1. Start making/preparing a blog schedule - if you have kudos to you but if you haven't as then you can start this weekend. Set a plan on when and how often you will be blogging. this will give you extra time to catch up on reading other blogs and come up with new topics to discuss for your own blog. I just stared to get the hang of blogging and have come up with a schedule and it has helped a lot. I can relax a bit and have time to properly plan and edit posts as well.

2. Start reading a new book - for the last one a half years I have not been able to properly read a book as I was busy with my MUA course. This year I plan to get back to reading a few books I have been wanting to. Reading is so calming and a good way to relax without thinking too much. That's why I love reading and have missed it quite a bit.

3. Pamper yourself -  May it be soaking in a bubble bath or giving yourself a proper pampering skincare regime. I shall be buying a new bath stopper as I cant seem to find the old one. I have all my bath bombs and bath essence all ready waiting to be used. De-stressing can spark new ideas and soaking in a tub I hear is the way to go.

4. Buy something you have been putting off for awhile -I know some of you may be wanting to save and may have other plans for saving. Sometimes buying something even one thing can make a big difference. That's why they say shopping is therapeutic.

5. Catch up on TV/Movies - I have a few movies that I need to catch up on and I am waiting to go watch Into The Woods as well. There's nothing like sitting in your pj's all comfy watching your favorite TV series box sets.

This is my day on 5 different things to do this weekend, so I hope you will be able to find something to this weekend. I definitely will be giving myself a nice hot soak in the tub this weekend, as my back has been giving me a bit or trouble, its time to recuperate.

Let me know if you will doing any of the things I suggested or something different.




  1. maybe i need to make a schedule for my weekend as well. I always seem to be sleeping my weekend away.

    1. Yes you should it does help

  2. Definitely going to relax this weekend!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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