Wednesday, 24 December 2014


So when it starts to get colder, we change the way we dress and our homes become warmer and we tends to even eat food that will make us feel warm, so its only natural that we change the way we treat our skin as well. As we get only one face we need to make sure it gets the best treatment possible.

My skin regularly is very oily, but during winter it tends to get dry for some reason so I switch things up a bit and try to keep it well moisturised but no so much so that it seems oily and shiny. I have enough of that during the hotter months so for once I would like to have pretty normal looking skin. During winter I tend to use a much thicker moisturiser and sometimes change my cleanser as well. You wont notice a big change in the products I use because my skin is oily and sensitive so I am a bit careful when changing products.


For winter I try out cleansing balms as they are a bit thicker and oil based. Since my skin gets drier a try to get a bit extra moisture in it. This cleanser by Banila Co. read the review HERE is excellent. Its very gentle and not too oily, but just the right amount. It takes away all traces of makeup and dirt leaving the skin freshened up.


This toner by Kate Somerville is very gentle and soft on the skin. It is alcohol free so it isn't too drying. It also takes away any excess residue left from the cleanser as well and leaves you with a clean base to start your skincare routine. It did not aggravate my skin so if your skin tends to be a bit on the sensitive side I would suggest you give this a try.


The L'Oreal youth code is absolutely amazing, read my review HERE. It banishes dark circles over night and brightens eye area immediately. If you suffer from dark circles and tired eyes I would suggest you give this ago. You will definitely see a difference over night. This eye serum does what its supposed to do and will help you rejuvenate your eye area.


I have been using this face serum from Crabtree & Evelyn for awhile now and it has brightened up by skin so much so that I got so many compliments after I started using it. You can read my full review HERE. It is soft and not over powering. It even helps keep the skin moisturised as well. It acts as a good base for your moisturiser to go on.


I use two different moisturisers during winter, one if I feel my skin is really dry and one if I feel its a bit too oily, specially if I am going out and need to wear makeup on that day.


A wonderful cream for girls with oily skin, you can get matte skin for about 6-8 hours on a day depending on the weather. I have done a review on this HERE. When my skin feels a bit oily I tend to use this one. If I wear makeup I especially use this as this doesn't make my makeup look too oily during the day and keeps the shine away.


As I mentioned before my skin tends to get much drier during winter and this moisturiser is like a blanket for my face. Its a thicker texture and really quenches the skin and keeps it hydrated throughout the day. I have review this HERE. When I use this my skin doesn't feel tight or stretched at all. I also use this over night so my skin doesn't feel dehydrated the next morning. I dont use it when I have to wear makeup as I noticed that my makeup tends to get really oily really fast and the makeup doesn't last as long as If I use a mattifying moisturiser, but if you don't have oily skin like me it wouldn't make it as oily as mine.

Out of all the products I use I would definitely tell you to try the Banila Co. cleanser and the Crabtree & Evelyn moisturiser. They were the two products that contribute the most to keeping my skin healthy during winter.

What is your skincare routine like during winter? Have you tried any of the products that I am using at the moment, If you have please let me know




  1. These products look great, I love Lo'real

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Amazing routine, those products combination seems perfect for skin. I'm really curious about the Kate Sommerville's Toner and the Hydra Fresh moisturizer.

    PS. I've just started following you on bloglovin'. Would you like to follow back so we can keep in touch<' Kisses

    1. Thank you and yes they work well for my skin. Thank you for the support and I will definitely follow you back.

  3. My skin also tends to become quite dry in winter so I really need to look after it and give it some much needed TLC. These products look great :) X


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