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I am sure many of you aware of Topshop and their beauty products by now. They have some amazing lip products and I especially love their lipsticks. In Hong Kong Topshop is relatively affordable when it comes to makeup. Their lipsticks cost 99$HK and I think the lip bullets cost around 119$HK. You can buy them at any Topshop in Hong Kong. I have been loving darker lipsticks lately and keep buying all the shades I can possibly find. As it is still winter and darker shades seem to be what everyone is wearing its fine.

 L to R - Wine Gum, Wicked, Beguiled
 L to R - Wine Gum, Wicked, Beguiled
  L to R - Wine Gum, Wicked, Beguiled
  L to R - Wine Gum, Wicked, Beguiled


I bought the lip bullet called Wine Gum. It is a deep deep maroon colour with a creamy texture to it. I love the colour specially during a night out.The products goes on very smoothly and feels soft on the lips and the lipstick has a light feel to it. the lip bullet is extremely pigmented.The lipstick lasted almost the whole day and there was only a little bit of wearing off after a meal. it did how ever bleed a little bit so I would suggest using a lip liner. My lips didn't get dry which is a good thing but I normally use a lip balm before applying lip products.


I currently have two lipsticks that I have been really enjoying a lot and been wearing quite a bit even during the day. The first one is Wicked and the other is called Beguiled.


This lipstick is a maroon as well with a red tone to it. The lipstick goes on very smoothly. That's what I love about the Topshop lipsticks. They are so easy to apply and you don't need a lip brush as well. The lipstick is very pigmented and lasts around 4 hours on me. Unlike the lip bullet the lipsticks didn't last as long and once I had a meal there was significant wearing off that was visible. How ever that didn't bother me too much because I love the colour and always carry it with me. As I mentioned before the lipstick does tend to move around so definitely line the lips first and then apply the lipstick.

 With the Flash


This lipstick has a little of shimmer in it though its not visible on the lips. This lipstick is a much lighter maroon tone lipstick as is not as pigmented as the others. I had to apply two layers to achieve the colour I wanted. When it came to wear time it last the same as wicked, which was around 4 hours and there was significant wearing off after a meal. I do carry the lipstick with me so I was able to reapply so the wearing off didn't bother me so much. As I mentioned before the lipstick does tend to move around so definitely line the lips first and then apply the lipstick.

All in all I love the lip products from Topshop, they are very affordable and worth every penny you pay for a high-street brand. I would definitely recommend them for you guys and have a few more to add to my collection.

Have you tried any lip products from Topshop? What did you think of them?




  1. Ohh these colours look so bold and vivid on your Lips! ^ ^

    1. Thanks, I never liked bold lips but after trying a few dark lipsticks I love them and especially during winter.

  2. Such pretty shades. I haven't tried Top Shop lipsticks before..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. They are lovely, you should try them. Topshop does ship internationally as well


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