Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Don't you hate how some hair sprays make your hair feel and often ruin your lovely hairstyle by making  it all stiff and hard. Because of this I was never was a big fan of using hair sprays and I never liked the smell. It made my hair all stiff and impossible to comb through. I remember after my wedding my hair was like a hard rock I was forced to pull and tug my poor hair. I had to even shampoo and condition twice to get it to feel soft and normal again. I was forced to start using hair spray once I started a Pro-Stylist Diploma.We were trained to do different hair dos and styles. So obviously we had to use hair sprays and how to use it with different hair styles and achieve a clean style. While training I tried various different hair sprays and came across this L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray Extra Strong Hold Unscented, it has a new formula and is unscented, hooray now you don't have to clinch away when you spray it. The regular elnett hair spray gave me a bad headache and my eyes always got irritated and was red after I use it.

You can buy this hair spray at your local Bonjour and Sasa in Hong Kong. It cost less than 100HK$ if I remember correctly. So its not too expensive and you get the full size bottle as well.

I mainly use this when style hair on jobs I do and some times on myself if curl my hair. The first most noticeable thing is that it didn't irritate my eyes and didn't give me a headache. Once you have used the hair spray and you smooth out the hair, the hair spray immediately vanishes and there is NO WHITE RESIDUE LEFT after it dries up as well.

The hair spray did allow me to style the hair well and it did last all day and the style didn't get messed up or disfigured. Even after I had used the hair spray the hair wasn't stiff I was able to comb through the hair and release the hair back to the way it normally is. I like the hair spray because I was able to feel as if I hadn't used any product at all. There was no fragrance as well so everyone around me also was not irritated.

All in all it is a good all round hair spray that works well and doesn't irritate your eyes in the process. if like me you are a MUA it is a good option to use on your clients as well as it is fragrance free. I will definitely be repurchasing this for sure unless in the mean time I find something much better.

What do you think of this hair spray? Have you ever tried this or any thing thats better than this? Let me know your thoughts




  1. I love Elnett! It just feels CLASSY to wear, too. Like you're getting even more fabulous when you doll yourself up with it!


  2. Oh wow looks amazing !

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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