Saturday, 20 December 2014


As mentioned before I did buy a few makeup items from Jordana and did a brief review on them earlier. I did promise in depth reviews of each product so here is the complete review of the blusher in Warm Cider. I do love a good blusher and it is very hard to find a blusher that would show up on my skin. Of course MAC has blushers that a very Pigmented and show up on my darker skin. How ever I do like to try alternatives and cheaper options as well. When I was a flight attendant my favourite blusher was from Jordana so I thought I will buy one and try it out to see if it is as good as it is.


As you can see it is a deeper pink with a gold shimmer to it. The blushers have a velvety smooth formula to them. It is has a creamy texture and is very pigmented. Applying the blusher is very easy and it goes on smoothly. You do need to be careful because it can be too much at times so just need to dip the tip of the brush with a light hand.  In the nights I use a bit of a heavy hand and it still wasn't too much on me. I actually quite like it. When it came to wear time, if I used a setting powder over my foundation the blusher lasted the night. When I wore it alone I got about 3 hours before it started fading. That mainly is because my skin is quite oily so if you have Normal to dry skin you shouldn't worry too much.The blusher complimented my skin tone and looked nice. I quite like the gold shimmer, especially on a night out. Some of you may not like and Jordana does have matte blusher and creamy sheen blushers so you do have other options as well.

As I mentioned before you there isn't a store that sells Jordana in Hong Kong but this online store Argus does sell a few products.

Overall I do enjoy wearing this blusher and so wear it sometimes during the day as well. I would recommend this and most blushers from Jordana and suggest you give this a try. I know that in the USA you have a wider selection of products. Lucky you

Do you like blushers? Have you tried any from Jordana? let me know what you thought.




  1. This looks gorgeous! I've never heard of Jordana I love finding new brands.

    1. Thank you. Jordana is an American brand, you should try it if you can


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