Thursday, 11 December 2014


I never leave the house without applying eye liner on my water line. I have got so used it that even when I was young girl just starting out with makeup this was the one product I always used. It was like my holy grail. I have so many different gel liner pencils its not funny any more. As I mentioned before  I decided to try out products from the Korean Brand Clio so I bought the Gel Pen and you can read the review HERE and the gel pencil. Gel liner pencils are the best, they are soft and smooth and glide much easier than the hard formula.


The packaging is very basic and simple and nothing fancy. The pencil is the very basic eye liner pencil where you have to sharpen the tip every time it gets blunt. It is a bit of a pain but nothing to worry too much about. If you live in Hong Kong you can buy them at any local Watsons and Harbour City Ocean Terminal and they cost 100HK$. You can choose from a variety of different colours so everyone will find something they like.

The pencil comes with sharpener at the end which is a plus because when you need a sharpener you can never find it at that moment. It is very travel friendly as well and I used it on my holiday when I went home for a few days.

The product is amazing, the gel liner is creamy and soft and glides on smoothly without a problem. it is absolutely pigmented and has a bit of shimmer to it. The shimmer part is not too over powering is barely noticeable when applied.

It lasts quite a long time, I didn't have to reapply during the day or in the night when I was out. It was creamy enough to be able to be smudged to do a smokey eye. So if you are in a hurry all you need to do is apply a bit extra and smudge it and you have a smokey eye in a few minutes. It also comes off very easily with any eye makeup remover and there is no tugging or rubbing the eye hard to get the product off. it doesn't get smudges when removing which means you don't have panda eyes. I like that because normally certain products go all over when removing it.

Its good quality and a very affordable gel eye liner pencil that you should definitely think about adding to your collection. I will be repurchasing this gel pencil again for sure and would recommend this to anyone.

Let me know what your favourite gel eye liner pencil is and if you will be trying this




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    1. They are surprisingly very good. This brand is very popular in Hong Kong so I had to try it.


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