Thursday, 11 December 2014


Haven't you had days where you just don't want to apply liquid eye liner because its such a pain taking task? I sure have had those days and still do sometimes. I always struggle to get a precise line and especially a thin line. It takes a lot of practice and even then sometimes both sides are not balanced. It is very difficult to find a good gel pen because they dry much faster than the liquid ones so you don't want to send a lot as well just in case its not as good as it says it is.

Clio is a Korean Makeup brand that is very popular is Asia and most of the brand ambassadors are K-Pop artists who are very famous in Korea and around Asia. I had heard of and read a few reviews about Clio products but I have never tried any of the products.


As you can see its just like every other gel pen liner. Sleek and travel friendly. The packaging is very basic as you can see. You can buy them at any local Watsons and at Harbour City Ocean Terminal. It cost around 180HK$ but I'm not exactly sure of the exact price. As the name mentions it the colour is black and a very dark black, hence the name Kill Black.

The tip of the pen is very fine and a firm tip so you have a good firm grip when applying the liner. Its very easy to use and it is very easy to get a fine line or a thick line. I found that I was able to draw the line with ease for the first time. I had a firm grip and the tip of the gel pen was where the magic was happening. Because of the fine tip and the body being a bit thicker it allowed me to draw a fine line. Once the liner has been drawn the colour is absolutely lovely, I love that it is a deep dark black. You can wear it alone or even over eye shadow and the colour won't disappear.

The lasting power is fantastic. It will last all night long and wont budge and get smudged. It dries really fast as well so you don't have to wait with your eyes closed till it dries, which is always a plus because other wise you'll end up with double eye liner lines.

At the end of the day when removing the eye liner it doesn't flake which I love and it comes off very easily. You don't need to tug and rub at your eyes which is important because when your tired and all you want to do is sleep the last thing you need is to stress your eyes even more.

If you struggle with applying a nice smooth eye liner then you should give this a try and see if it will help you. I will definitely be repurchasing this product and would definitely recommend this for everyone to try.

Will be trying anything from Clio? If yo do please let me know.




  1. Thanks for a great review, this eyeliner looks amazing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. No Problem. It is amazing, you should try it if you can


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