Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Most of the days I prefer to go with a light base as I am not working full time and will not be out and about all day so I opt for a BB creams (Blemish Balms). BB Creams are lighter in texture but don't have a lot of coverage unlike a foundation.

When you have darker skin like I do it is very difficult to find a BB Cream that would suit you as most brands don't have darker shades for some reason. Luckily when I was living in London The Body Shop BB Cream came out and I was able to pick up a darker shade that suited my skin tone.

The TBS BB Cream is not like the usual BB Creams that we normally use, its white at first when the liquid comes out and then begins to turn to adapt to your own skin tone and changes colour. The BB Cream has pigment filled capsules that burst when applied on your skin that releasing the colour inside. I have the shade 03 which is the darkest you get in this range. It cost 189HK$ and you can buy it at any Body Shop store in Hong Kong.

You can apply the BB Cream with your hand or a stippling brush depending on the finish you want. Using the fingers will give a more natural finish and the stippling brush will give a more polished finish. Once you have applied the BB Cream all over the face and smoothed it all out the skin feels like velvet with a smooth finish. It feels very light on the skin as well so during the warmer months this could be an alternative option instead of using a foundation. Of course you are going to definitely need to use a concealer as there isn't much coverage but more a smooth canvas kind of look.

The BB Cream goes on smoothly and you just need a one squeeze for the whole face. However you need to be careful when squeezing the tube as it does squirt out a bit so be cautious.This shade is a perfect match for me and I love how it makes my complexion look after I have used it. Wear time is quite reasonable as well, I got around 3-4 hours of wear time. If you do have oily skin I suggest yo set it with a powder as I noticed that if I don't my skin tends to get oily much faster. The BB Cream doesn't get cakey throughout the day neither does it flake or crease. That is really good especially if you have oily skin like me.

It is also convenient if you are in a hurry and don't have time to put on a full face of makeup as you can easily use your fingers to apply the product. For some of you this may not have enough coverage but for me this is the perfect base to use daily. If I have an occasion I switch the BB Cream for a foundation.

Overall I really like the BB Cream, its light with moderate coverage as I don't have a lot of scars and pimples. As a daily base I would definitely suggest you give this a try if you prefer light bases. I will definitely be repurchasing this BB Cream for sure.

Have you used the TBS BB Cream? Let me know what your thoughts are on it



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