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We all have a skincare routine that we swear by and follow everyday, why? so we can flawless skin like the models and everyone in Hollywood. One of the most difficult areas to get squeaky clean is the nose. No matter what you use or apply on the nose, you can never get rid of those pesky white and black heads that are almost invisible on the nose. I use face masks and scrubs regularly but as I live in a humid country during summer with my oily skin that's not enough, so I do a little bit extra and use nose pore strips.

Nose pore strips are very popular in Asia and Korean and Japanese skincare have a variety of different nose pore strips. Out of all the choices I prefer to use Biore because I know that they have a skincare range and are known for having good quality affordable products.

In a pack you get 10 pore strips for 20HK$ at any local sasa and Bonjour in Hong Kong. Once you open it on the packet that the nose pore strip is in and you get all the instruction on how to apply it on the nose. You need to apply it on to cleansed skin and the nose needs to be wet. You need to apply the soft side on to the nose and leave it for about 10-15 minutes, not more than that. Once you remove it you will get rid of all the hard to remove white and black heads that are deep under the skin. Not all of it will come off so because of that I use a small trick. I dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda into half a glass of lukewarm water and soak around cotton pad for about a minute and leave I leave it on my nose for about five minutes and then put on the nose pore strip as I would normally. This makes such a big difference. More white and black heads come off this way than if I use it the regular way. The baking soda helps remove the top layer of dead skin allowing the nose pore strip to do it magic.

The Biore nose pore strip is gentle on the skin and doesn't irritate the skin at all and I have been using this for quite along time and will swear by this to anyone who wants to try a nose pore strips. The nose pore strip does exactly what its supposed to do, remove the extra dead skin cells and the hard to remove white and black heads.

All in all a good budget friendly nose pore strip that's gentle on the skin and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this product and I keep buying this every time I run out of it.

Do you use nose pore strips? Have you ever used Biore skincare products? If you have let me know what you think of Biore.




  1. These look very interesting!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves
    ♡ ♡ ♡

  2. i used to use a lot of these, but then i heard ppl say they will make your pores larger. So, now I used this scrub from Saem's Dr. Beauty Laser Peel Soft Gel. I find that it removes a lot of the dead skin that's blocking white heads / sebum. I heard there's is another japanese brand that's also a gel scrub form and it helps push out the impurities, so you will be able to wipe away your black/white heads after use. Trying to get my hands on that.

    1. They have not made my pores larger at all. I shall definitely try the products you mentioned for sure.Do you know from where I can get them?

  3. I never use pore strips, as the ones you can get in Germany tend to rip off your skin as well as any dirt that may have been there...

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Oh dear, but I'm sure you can find Biore in Germany as well. If you do find it and use it let me know what you thought


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