Monday, 22 December 2014


As an oily skin girl I normally tend to stick with cleansing milks as they suit my skin type better and I don't break out. I have read a lot of review about different cleansing balms but have never gotten on well with any. I recently read an article on Fashionista about Korean skincare which you can read HERE and thought I will give the Banila Co. cleansing balm a try.

Korean skincare is every where on the internet, everyone seems to be try them and loving them. I hadn't really used any Korean products until I moved to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong you get so many different brands its quite difficult to choose unless you know about them. I read a few reviews after I was intrigued by the cleanser. It seems to be loved by everyone and even very popular in the USA. Lets see how I got along with it.


Banila Co. is a Korean product (Duh) and comes in a solid form or better known as a sherbert. You can buy it at any local Sasa and Bonjour outlet. Its currently on offer and even when I purchased it I got it on offer for 100HK$.

You just need a small amount like a size of a pea. Once you start massaging the cleanser into the skin it starts melting and all the makeup and dirt start coming off. If you add a little bit of water once you have massage it for about 30 seconds it turns into a cleansing milk. So if you don't really like the balm feel of it you can add water as soon as you apply it on to your skin and it becomes a cleansing milk. The balm is very light and not so oily for a balm cleanser. Once you started using it either way, its wonderful. All the dirt and makeup, even hard to get off eye liner comes off immediately and your skin is left feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. It is absolutely gentle on your skin and there is no oily residue left after you have used it. I hate when that happens because my skin tends to break out when that happens. It was so gentle that my skin didn't react and my skin reacts for the slightest change in my skincare routine (specially cleansers) but instead it felt softer, cleaner and smoother.

All in all its a lovely light weight cleanser that is suitable for all skin types and if like me you have troublesome skin then this is a definite must have. Its gentle on the skin and get the job done so there is no need for double cleansing.

Have you tried anything from Banila Co?




  1. sounds cool! the only thing I don' tlike about it is the package. I don't like makeup remover where you have to dig you hands in it. And of course, I am too lazy to scoop it out with a spoon or something.

    1. Its really nice though as it doubles ups as a cleanser as well. You should try it out though

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