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Brow's is a word we all fear, not everyone has mastered the art of grooming their own brows. I personally never used to fill in my brows till very recently. Why? Because I didn't know and I was afraid of doing it wrong or choosing the wrong colour to fill my brows. I can find a million reason as to why. Once I learnt how to do it the proper way there was no stopping me. I hardly leave the house without filling my brows. They have become such a game changer for me that I enjoy filling my brows. Lets see how you can start mastering the art of filling your brows.

First you need to find a good brow therapist, someone who will be able to understand exactly what you want. I prefer threading my brows than faxing and tweezing, as threading gives a much neater look. If you live in Hong Kong I would recommend checking Browhaus Hong Kong and Freedas Limited if you are looking for traditional tweezing. This is the most important as yo need a good brow shape that suits your face. The rest is easy once you have the perfect shape. You also need to remember that both brows can never be absolutely symmetrical but by filling them in you can make it look symmetrical. That's the power of makeup.

Once you have sorted out your shape you need to find a brow pencil or powder that suits your hair colour or a colour that comes close to it. My hair is naturally black so I use a very dark brow pencil and since I coloured my hair its a perfect match. Remember if like me your hair is black never use a black brow pencil as that makes the brows look artificial and over done. You need to make them look as natural as possible, as if you were born with perfect eye brows. Once you have the colour that suits you all you need to do is fill in the brows. You need to start by outlining the your brow shape and then start filling them in from the centre working your way outwards in light feathery strokes. Once you have filled it in use a spoolie to brush the brows through and soften the harsh edges. You can use a brow gel to set everything in place so it will last longer or keep it the way it is.Viola you have perfect brows to show off. These are my favourite brow products at the moment.


I love the MAC brow pencil in Spike and the brow gel is Ebony Brown. They are the perfect combination, especially if you have black brow hair. The brow pencil is easy to use and blends well and the brow gel lasts all day and doesn't make the brows hard once its applied. These two products are always in my handbag as they are travel friendly as well and my most reached for products to do up brows. This combination lasts all and easy to remove as well. You can read my full review on these products HERE


Etude House is a famous Korean makeup brand and is very popular in Asia. As I do live in Hong Kong at the moment I thought why not try it out and see what the fuss is all about. Surprisingly they had darker shades when it came to brow products, where normally its mainly lighter shades which can be so frustrating at time. Getting back on track, I bought their brow pencil in NO 03 and the brow gel in Rich Brown. If I'm not mistakes each product cost less the HK$100 each which is very reasonable and can be bought from any Etude House outlet in Hong Kong.

The brow pencil is soft and glides smoothly over my brows. As it is slanted its perfect to outline the brows and get a perfect shape. The colour is a good match for me and the plus is that the brow pencil as a spoolie at the end of it which makes the whole process so much easier as you need less products to hold in your hand. The brow gel is a bit light but as the brow pencil is darker once I apply the brow gel on top it blends together and becomes the perfect colour. The brow gel is a bit thick so you have to be careful when applying it. The shape of the wand fits well with the brows and easy to use. I love this combination as well and in combination last all day without fading.


This a new discovery and it was by chance that I thought I will give this brow pencil a try. I have the brow pencil in N5 from Makeup For Ever. It is a bit dark but is the most softest and easiest to fill in the brows. The brow pencils goes on very smoothly. You need to use a light hand as it is very pigmented. I use the Etude House brow gel to set everything place as the brow gel is a shade lighter so it blends well and isn't too dark for me. If you want bold brows then this the brow pencil to use. If you live in Hong Kong yo can buy it from any Makeup For Ever outlet and it costs HK$190.

I have been using these products very often lately and are my go to products at the moment. They are the perfect colour for me and are easy to use. They are also reasonably priced so its easy to repurchase them without feeling guilty.

What do you think of my favourite brow products? Have you tried any of them before? I would love to hear what you think




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