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If you live in hot, humid weather you tend to look for hair products that will help you maintain your hair frizz and to stop it from drying out. In Hong Kong it is very humid and dusty and your hair can get greasy an oily at the roots. Even when I have a shower I put conditioner only to the bottom half of my hair and if I accidentally even put conditioner to my roots within two days my hair becomes greasy and sticky. I hate that and living in a tropical country makes it even more difficult to maintain good hair.

I have changed my shampoo and conditioner so many times I can't even count the number now. I did however find a good serum which is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum that has helped me maintain my hair and reduce the damage from the weather and hot tools we use.


Hair serum is made from silicon based content, amino acid and ceramides, this helps to maintain frizz, protect the hair and manage curly hair.

Using a hair serum will help you to have silky smooth manageable hair. The silicon in the hair serum coats the hair and makes it shinier so you get shiny hair as well. Because the hair gets coated it also gets protected from sun damage, pollution and humidity. Hair serum is also conditioning for your hair as it helps rough hair become smoother. finally hair serums also protect your hair from the damage that hair styling tools such as curling irons and blow dryers do to your hair. 

You need to be careful when choosing a hair serum as there are so many options out there. Most serums normally work well with most hair types and thickness but you need to be careful because a serum can be a friend or an enemy. So choose the correct serum that will give the best results for your hair.


Let me start by saying that this is an amazing hair serum and one of the best hair serums i have ever used so far. This serum is supposed to "smoothes, conditions and seals strands, leaving hair silky, shiny and frizz free in any weather" The recommended method is to use a small amount (one pump) and rub it in your hands and then run your fingers through damp hair starting from the ends moving upwards.  

If you live in Hong Kong most up-scale hair salons sell Paul Mitchell products and if you go to Mongkok a place called Temple Street Night Market you can find a whole street that sells good quality hair products for much less than the branded stores. 

One of the reasons I love this serum is the fact that once you have applied the serum on to your hair it dries your hair really fast, much faster than letting air dry. I started using this serum when I was working as a flight attendant at Srilankan Airlines. I had to blow dry and iron my almost daily and that damaged my hair beyond repair. It has been almost five years since I left my job and my hair is still suffering from the damage caused by using hot tools. The serum would help me reduce the amount I had to use a blow drier because of it being able to dry hair faster. This is possible because the serum pushes the water in the hair to the ends of the strands making it dry faster. I actually watched this happen to my hair. I saw droplets trickling down that would normally not happen if I hadn't used any product.

Once I left my job I would religiously use this hair serum every time I had a shower and about six months later my hair was looking much healthier and shinier. It looked less drier as well as I didn't have to use a blow drier because the serum would tame the frizz and my hair would dry quite straight. I started embracing the natural look so I didn't need to use the hair iron so much. 

After using it for awhile my hair was shinier, softer and smoother looking. It looked like it had got life once again. I still use this most of the time after a shower and swear by it as it helps me maintain my hair during the hotter months in Hong Kong and makes my hair look glossy. I would definitely recommend this specially if you don't like using hair styling tools to dry or style hair too often. 

Have you used the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum or any products from this brand? Let me know what you thought are on this serum



  1. Oh wow looks amazing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It is, it helped me when my hair was very damaged

  2. Great review! I love Paul Mitchell's curly hair products. I have almost bought this serum a couple to times, but my hair is so thin I normally avoid serums because it tends to look greasy. I'll have to try it out.

    1. Thank you! You should try it out and try a small drop just at the ends of our hair.


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