Monday, 22 December 2014


Dark nail polish and cold weather is one of the best combinations for me out of all the seasons. Darker nail polish always looks better on me as I am a bit on the darker skin side. Lighter shades, (depending on the shade) I can sometimes pull it off. Most often or not I always reach for the darker shades be it summer or winter. These are a few of my favourite nail polishes for winter. I do like to keep a few nudes as well, to wear during the day time.

L to R - Sally Hansen Plums The Word, Barry M - Raspberry Red, Mavala - Black Cherry, Revlon - Vixen, Models Own - Purple Ash

Sally Hansen - Plums The Word 

As you can see the brush is flat so that makes it easy to apply. One coat is quite opaque but I usually apply two coats because it lasts much longer that way. The finish of this nail polish has a bit of shine to it.

Barry M - Raspberry Red 

A bright red, which I wear during the day mostly. The brush is thin and sleek so you need to be quick when applying the polish so that it won't start drying. The brush is easy to use even though it is quite thin. You definitely need about three coats even though it is quite bright, if not the true colour will not be seen.

Mavala - Black Cherry 

A deep plum colour, extremely opaque where one coat is more than enough to get the true colour. I still like applying two coats. As the brush length is much smaller it is a bit difficult to apply and it did get on my skin a bit so you have to be a bit careful. The nail polish does tend to get a bit little sticky as time passes by so you will need to use it up soon. A perfect colour for a night out.

Revlon - Vixen 

A much lighter colour than the Mavala and thinner texture as well. The Revlon brush is small as well but I didn't find any difficulty in apply the nail polish. I did apply two coats but even three would be fine. I wear this colour in the day and night as well.

Models Own - Purple Ash

Quite similar to the Sally Hansen but a bit more opaque and thicker in texture. The brush is a bit fatter than the regular size so it was easy to apply. I apply two coats of the nail polish on my nails. I Like wearing this colour for a night out.

One coat of each nail polish 
 Two coats of nail polish
As I don't have a dishwasher in Hong Kong as most apartments don't have the space for it, I have to wash the dishes by hand and come in contact with water quite a bit so the nail polishes last about two days before I start noticing it chipping off. I think that's quite good as I come in contact with water quite often. All the polishes are very opaque and ideal for the party season. I wear these nail polishes even in summer as they look good on me and suit me well.

I would definitely recommend these nail polishes and other nail polishes from this brand as they last quite long and some times all you need is just one coat since they are very opaque.

What do you think of my choices? Do you have particular nail polishes that you wear during winter?



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