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We all have days where struggle find something special for that occasion and days we don't have an occasion we have so many outfit ideas. yes we have a wardrobe full of clothes and some clothes we don't or wont ever wear. So as much as it is nice to have a full wardrobe it can be frustrating at times as well, hence I decided to narrow it down and do a post on what really is essential and how you can put an outfit together with most of the stuff on this list.


Leather Jacket

A must in everyone's wardrobe. You can dress up any outfit with a good leather jacket. The plus is they actually keep you warm as well.


A good wool jacket is essential specially if you go to work. As much as it keeps you warm it also make your attire look more professional and smart. If you wear dress it will keep you nice and warm and snugly.

Jean Jacket
A denim jacket for those in between seasons. Gives you a casual look, street-wear look.

Blue Jeans
This goes without saying, the most important out of all. Everyone's go to and most comfortable piece in their wardrobe. Be it day time or night time, it will go with any outfit and time.

Black Jeans
Black jeans are mostly I would say for the evening but that doesn't mean you cant wear it during the day. Having a black pair of jeans means you always have a safety net in your wardrobe.

LBD - Asos Skater Dress

Black Trousers
Having a pair of black trousers is an essential as jeans. You will have that occasion you need to be dressed in proper smart attire and this is it.

A blazer is something I always have with me. You can dress a plain pair of jeans and shirt/Tee with a black blazer. A good piece of clothing to have when putting an outfit together.

Handbag - Coach

A cross body is so useful because you have the option of wearing it as tote for night time and for casual as a cross body. Very versatile

Cream/White Sweater
Just a basic staple to mix and match 

Plain White Tee
An essential basic to complete an outfit 

A stylish and comfortable option to have for as a pair of boots 

Strappy Sandals
An obvious choice for evenings out. Make the outfit dressier and elongates your legs making them look nice. 

I chose affordable options as these are clothing stuff that most can afford and are available to everyone. Of course your not just going to have only these in your wardrobe but having these will make it easier for you to come up with outfits.

What do you think my list? Do you agree with these being essential staples for a wardrobe?




  1. Replies
    1. The jeans from H&M are the best. They are so comfy and last for ages

  2. every girl needs a leather jacket in their wardrobe! don't know what I'd do without it! x

  3. Hi Nashia, great picks you can't go wrong with black and white staple items! By the way I was reading your About Me page and your life sounds really interesting living in HK! I've been on holiday there years ago but would love to go back again :)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. Thank you Hanh. You should return for a holiday it is lovely.


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