Sunday, 9 November 2014


Street style is fashion that was created by youth culture and not from fashion studios and houses. Now a days many mainstream fashion houses are adopting street style fashion to their own fashion lines. Street style has become very famous thanks to a lot of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. There are different street style categories that are in fashion today.


The Hippie style - T-shirts, flowers, flared trousers
Teddy Boy - Drape jackets, crepe shoes
Punk Fashion - Ripped jeans, T-shirts with slogans
Skinheads - cropped hair, fitted jeans
Gothic Fashion - Black clothing and accessories
Preppy - Chinos, boat shoes
Hip Hop Fashion - baggy pants
Hipster - jeans, beanie's
Rasta - dreadlocks, African inspired clothing
Greaser - leather jackets, cowboy boots
Urban - jewellery, skinny jeans
Feminine - dresses, hats 

I actually quite like street style because it is very adaptable and anyone can put their own twist to it and style an outfit. Its mainly what we see most people wear everyday on regular basis so its quite trendy now. For more inspiration have a look at MANGO, ZARA, FOREVER 21 and  H&M as they are more affordable and have quite a few options that will suit everyone's needs.

Which street style are you and what do you think of street style fashion? 



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