Friday, 21 November 2014


Lining your lips before applying a lipstick or lip gloss is always good as it will prevent the colour from bleeding all over your face and it makes the lips stand out and you can give it a good shape making your lips looks more attractive. Read my post about why lip liners are important over HERE. The Rimmel lasting finish lip pencil is apparently able to withstand 1000 kisses. Highly doubt that any lip pencil can go through 1000 kisses leave alone two or three kisses. You can't buy this is any store Argus in Hong Kong but I did find a an online store that imports the brand to Hong Kong.

The lip pencil is a red toned lip liner with deep red wine colour. The lip pencil is basic just like any other lip liner. The lip pencil is the colour of the lip liner and you need sharpen it every time the tip gets blunt. There are seven different colours to choose from so I am sure everyone will find a colour that suits them. It costs around £2.99 so it doesn’t break the bank and is affordable. 

The lip pencil is hard in texture with a matte finish but it does glide smoothly over the lips very easily and you don’t need to press it hard on your lips for the colour to show or for that matter to line the lips. The colour is quite intense and has a good colour pay off. It did however feel a bit dry on the lips and kind of dried my lips if I used it to fill in the lips after lining the lips. Now I prep the lips well and wear a good lip balm before I use the lip pencil, this way the lips don’t dry.

You can wear the lip liner alone as it has a good colour pay off but I wear it with a lipstick that matches the colour or is somewhat close to the colour of the lip liner. There was a good wear time from this lip pencil and my lipstick didn’t bleed and lasted quite long. I didn’t try the 1000 kisses claim but to my liking it lasted long enough.

The lip pencil normally costs around £2.99 which isn't a lot so next time I go to London or know someone who does go I will definitely be trying few of the other colours. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a matte finish but if you don’t like the matte finish then I would say give it a pass.

Have you tried lip liners from Rimmel? What did you think of them


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