Friday, 21 November 2014


I am not someone who wears a lot of lip gloss as I can never keep it on my lips for long but as a makeup lover and hoarder I buy a few when I come across something I like. I tend to prefer more neutral and earthy colours as I am darker skin toned. 

I bought two shades of the Revlon Colourburst lip glosses in Sunbaked (044) and Rosepearl (014). One is a neutral pink toned lip gloss and the other one is a red toned lip gloss. The packaging is very basic. It comes in a hard transparent plastic tube with a black twist top. This way you can see the colour without having to open it and test it before you buy it. The applicator for both have doe-foot applicator. You can buy them at any Watsons or SASA in Hong Kong. They cost around HK$ 85.


Sunbaked is a pink toned nude lip gloss. When I wear it on my lips it's as if I haven't worn anything but gives a nice glossy finish to the lips. Actually it enhances my natural lip colour which I quite like. The lip gloss has a thick texture to it with a glossy finish. Even though the lip gloss is thick it isn't stick or doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips. The lip gloss feels light on my lips and don’t make my lips stick together and they don’t dry them out at all which is always a plus as some lip glosses tend to dry lips. 

L to R - Rosepearl, Sunbaked 


Rosepearl is a red toned brown hue lip gloss which has a pearl effect to it. When I wear it on my lips the lip gloss looks more brown than red. Maybe cos my lips are a bit darker but that doesn’t bother me as I don’t wear very bold red lips anyway. Since the lip gloss has a pearl effect it does shine quite a bit and has rich effect to it. This is the same as the Sunbaked, its thick in texture with a glossy pearly finish. The gloss doesn’t feel stick even though it is quite thick. Feels light and comfortable on the lips as well and this doesn’t dry lips. 

L to R - Rosepearl, Sunbaked 

Both lip glosses have very good colour pay off and appear well on the lips. Since it is very opaque I tend to wear them alone on my lips. I may sometimes line my lips with lip liner just to add a bit more of colour. I wear the Sunbaked during the day and Rosepearl during the night as it has a pearl effect. When it comes to longevity it all depends on the individual, on me personally lip glosses tends to last much less for some weird reason. Maybe cos I keep biting my lips all the time. So I normally get about a 2 hour wear time out them which isn't quite long but I like the colours and I always carry them with me to touch up. Since the wand has a doe-foot applicator it's very easy to apply and you can get a precise application and line the lips well with the applicator. You have to be careful at time because the lip gloss tends to bleed a bit. That’s why I line the lips on occasions just to be on the safe side.

I would definitely repurchase them again as they are my go to when I feel lazy to wear lipstick or when I am in a hurry and need to wear something on my lips. I would definitely recommend this lip gloss range from Revlon as they do have a good selection of colours and colours that would suit most skin tones.

Have you ever tried these lip glosses, let me know? Do you wear lip gloss on your lips or are you more of a lipstick kind of girl?



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