Monday, 10 November 2014


We all dream of having long and thick natural lashes like we see on the Catwalks and Fashion shows. I am not so lucky I need to create the illusion of Long and thick lashes. To achieve this one of my favourite mascara is the Maybelline Rocket Mascara. I know I am bit late to get on the bandwagon with this mascara but I eventually did and I love it.

The Maybelline Rocket Mascara is one mascara that doesn't make my lashes get all clumpy and they don't stick to each other after I have applied the mascara. You can buy this at your Local Bonjour, Sasa or Watsons in Hong Kong is around 100-130 HK$, depending on where you buy it from.

the packaging is well basic for any mascara but it does look and is easy to hold and use. Once you take the wand out its very sturdy and doesn't bend. The applicator its self is made with the hard plastic bristles. The bristles are small and stumpy and you can get the brush right to the roots of the lashes. this way you get to coat all of the lashes in mascara. for someone like who doesn't have a lot of lashes this is good because then my lashes look much fuller. The mascara its self isn't very runny or thick but the right texture where the lashes don't get clumpy and its easy to apply. They also do last all day keeping the shape of the lashes and don't budge or smudge throughout the day.

The mascara definitely made my lashes much thicker and longer. I normally like to curl my lashes before I apply the mascara. This way my eyes look bigger and this opens up your eyes making them more awake. The mascara doesn't get a bit clumpy when removing but they do come off easily with any eye makeup remover or even with a cleanser. I like that its easy to remove which means you don't have to tug at your eyes and hurt them.

I would definitely recommend this for everyone who has thin and short lashes. They will make your lashes look fuller and a bit longer for sure.

Have you ever tried this mascara and what's your favourite mascara?



  1. Oh wow looks amazing

    Please let me know if you would be interested in following eachother on GFC and Bloglovin.Would love to stay in contact.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Hi Candice
      I went ahead and followed you on bloglovin and GFC. You are free to do the same and I would like to have you as a friend and stay in contact.



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