Sunday, 23 November 2014


I have a weakness for mascara's as I have mentioned before, that is because I don’t have naturally long lashes and have to use mascara to achieve that so I am always on the lookout for a good mascara that can give that to me. Max Factor is known for good mascara's and so I also jumped on the bandwagon after reading many reviews of their different mascara's and gave their Wild Mega Volumising Mascara ago. 

The packaging is quite bulky and big in appearance but it isn't heavy and can fit a regular sized makeup pouch without an issue. It costs around HK$68 and can be purchased at any local Bonjour, Watsons or Sasa. The mascara is like any usual mascara where you have to twist the top to open the mascara.

Once you do open it how the mascara wand is a little wonderful magic wand. The mascara wand itself is made from the harder plastic and is strong so when you are applying the mascara with the wand it doesn’t bend or move all over, so you can have a steady hand. The head of the wand where the bristles are is not the usual shape. Its bit bigger than usual at the front and much bigger towards the end. This shape allows for a more precise application when it comes to the shorter and stubbier lashes closer to the end of the eye. 

The mascara itself isn't too wet or too dry in texture I feel it’s the perfect texture for a mascara. The only thing I would say is to be careful when taking the wand out as a little bit extra product tends to come out as well. What I do is I just wiggle and when taking it out and I noticed that the extra product doesn’t come out. This way you won't be wasting any product as well. The mascara dries pretty fast and doesn’t flake during the day. Once the mascara has dried up the lashes don’t feel stiff or uncomfortable they feel natural and as if I haven't applied anything on them, which I really like as my lashes do tend to stick together. With this mascara none of that happened.

Before applying the mascara I curl my lashes so that my eyes look much open. My lashes looked much fuller and longer after applying the mascara and the shaped stayed throughout the day as well. The mascara didn’t feel heavy on my lashes and I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

When removing the mascara at the end of the day wasn’t difficult at all, the mascara came off without an issue and I didn’t have to tug and rub my eyes to get it off. The other good thing is the mascara didn’t flake when I was taking it off. I hate when that happened because it goes everywhere and becomes such a mess.

In the end this Max Factor mascara is one of my favourite and most reached for mascara in my stash. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has short lashes. Give this a try and see if it will give it more volume and make your lashes look better.

Have you tried this Max Factor mascara? Let me know I would definitely be interested to know if this was as good for you as it was for me.




  1. your lashes look great after application
    keep in touch

    1. Thank you and I will keep in touch and hope you do the same

  2. It's so hard to find a mascara that doesn't clump! I'll have to have a look at max factor, your eyelashes look lovely!

    1. Yes it is and you should definitely give this a try Sophie


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