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Under eyes are a big plague for everyone. Having sleepless nights and  or being tired and being able to wake up with no signs of those pesky dark circles would be great and if you are one of those lucky people I envy you so much. Unfortunately I am not one those lucky people so I have to use an eye cream to get rid of dark circles. In comes the L'Oreal youth code eye essence. The eye essence is made from Pro-Gen Technology which activates a specific gene to help boost the skins ability to recover from daily aggression, fatigue and ageing skin. The eye cream is full of powerful actives to stimulate micro circulation and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

One Drop: fine lines are smoothed out; eye contour is more luminous
One Week: dark circles are visibly reduced
One Month: eye contour is rejuvenated and looks younger

Eye cream is very important because the skin under and around the eye area is the most delicate and thinnest from the whole face so we need to take extra care when it comes to that area of the skin. With dark circles we all face the tell all  signs of puffiness, aging skin, dark spots, wrinkles and eye bags in the eye area. By using an eye cream you are able to take better care of the skin and treat the skin accordingly and fight the signs of ageing while restoring the skin in that area. You can buy the L'Oreal Eye Essence at any local SASA and Bonjour in Hong Kong and costs HK$198 

The L'Oreal eye essence is a light textured serum that comes in a nicely packaged glass bottle with a pipet to extract the product. You do however do need to press it quite hard to get the product out once you have been using for a while. The serum doesn’t leave an oily or sticky residue on the skin once its applied and it didn’t quite absorb instantly but you had to wait about a minute for it to be absorbed. There is no fragrance to it but the serum does have smoked out colour to it and so it isn't exactly a clear gel. The eye essence uses a specific technology to restore the skins appearance on a daily basis and gets rid of dark circles.

After the first day of using the eye essence I noticed quite a bit of a difference. My skin looked less tired and a bit plumped up in the morning. Within a week the dark circles had reduced quite a bit, the skin near the eye are didn’t look that dark any more. I noticed a big difference because I was never one to use eye creams, I would always forget to use it or never really paid much attention to the skin near my eyes so thought I didn’t need to use an eye cream. However once I started using this product I was instantly converted and my skin looks lighter, much healthier and my eyes don’t look tired any more. I comment about the wrinkles as of yet because I hadn't notice any. Hopefully it’s a long way more to go, but they do say prevention is better than cure.

These claims that were made by L'Oreal in regards to the eye essence is true to certain extent. One Drop: fine lines are smoothed out; eye contour is more luminous was noticed the very next day after I first used the eye essence. This was the most obvious and I was truly amazed that within One Week: dark circles are visibly reduced and finally after using this for One Month: my eye contour was rejuvenated and the claims about looking younger well I couldn't really say as its not like my skin and eyes are very old.
I would definitely recommend this product for anyone just starting to use eye creams or even if you do use an eye cream on a regular basis. It will clear your skin and reduce your dark circles within a week. I have been using this product for about a month now consecutively and I have never been so happy. Now before going anywhere I just need to use a bit of colour corrector under the eyes and I'm good to go. I will definitely repurchase this eye essence once I have finished and used up all the eye creams I have.

What do you think of eye cream? Have you used the L'Oreal youth code eye essence? Let me know what you think




  1. I don't have L'oreal Youth Code eye essence but I do have L'oreal Youth Code prodigious luminizing essence which claims can even the skin tone and makes it lighter. I will definitely give this eye essence a try. I just hope it's available in Indonesia.

    Thanks for sharing!

    TalkativeTya - A Beauty Blog

    1. It is really good. I haven't heard of the one you mentioned must have a look. thanks for the tip


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