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Mascara's are one the most amazing inventions of all time when it comes to makeup. They can transform a simple look into something elegant and make eyes look beautiful. I have very short and unnoticeable eyelashes so I rely on a good mascara a lot to make my eyes stand out. Most of the time when I got out even if don’t wear a lot of makeup I do put on mascara, they do make a big difference for me.

Hong Kong is a destination that is very famous for its fashion and very different makeup looks. They are also famous for having miniatures when it comes to skincare products, makeup and beauty products. They have miniatures for everything. I think that’s a good thing because you get to try a product before you buy the whole product and pay a big amount for it. This way you get to spend less try the product first and see if you like it and then you can buy the full size product, depending on what you thought of it. So I decided to buy the miniature or sample size of the Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara and put it to the test.

So as I mentioned before I do have short eyelashes and when I apply certain mascara's my lashes kind of stick together and become very uncomfortable. I normally have to be very careful when applying mascara as I have to wait till the first coat of mascara dries to apply the next one.

So let's get back to the mascara, as you know it is a sample sized product but not too small just the right size that you have enough space to hold it and apply the product with ease. It's very compact and VERY handy to travel with and fits a small makeup pouch as well. It cost 35HK$ and you can buy it at your local Bonjour.

The wand is very short but the area that has the bristles is long enough that it reaches the whole eye area and you can coat all the lashes with the mascara. The bristles on the wand are small and have the effect of a stubble. The wand of course is plastic but it doesn’t bend or move so you get a steady movement when applying the mascara. The mascara itself is a wet texture which I quite don’t like as it takes time to dry and the chances of the lashes sticking together is very high.

Once the mascara is applied you do have to wait a bit till it dries to apply the next coat to the lashes. I did however notice that if I didn’t wait few minutes between the coats that my lashes did stick together and the whole purpose of applying the mascara was lost. However my lashes did look a bit thicker, with a bit more volume and looked longer after the mascara was applied. If I do curl my lashes first and then apply the mascara my lashes looked much better. They looked a bit fuller and opened up eyes much more which I quite like as I do have slit eyes a bit shaped liked almonds. So most of the time I do curl my lashes and then apply the mascara.

The mascara didn’t harden my lashes so much so that it was stiff and looked artificially. After it dried my lashes didn’t lose its shape and it lasted the whole without flaking or melting. You do however have to be careful of it flaking away when you remove it at the end of the day. It isn't difficult to take off and comes off relatively easily but you do need a good eye makeup remover to do the job so you won't be tugging your lashes and removing all of your lashes. I can't afford to lose lashes as I have very little. I use the Biore Eye Makeup Remover as this gets everything off without a fuss, you can read the review HERE.

Overall I would say this was a good mascara and did give me volume but I didn’t like the fact that the texture of the mascara was wet. I don’t like when its wet because my lashes tend to stick together and becomes very uncomfortable. If you have longer lashes, luck you, then I would say give it ago and see but be careful when applying as you have to wait till it dries to put another coat or even do anything else to your eyes. I doubt I will buy the full version of this mascara and was glad that I was able to buy the sample size one try it out. If not I would have regretted it for sure.

Do you have a favourite mascara that you swear by? Have you tried this mascara from Clinique before, let me know if you have and what you thought of it.




  1. Really liking the results !

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Me too but the only thing I hate is the wet texture


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