Saturday, 15 November 2014


I have never used a corrector under my eyes before I came across the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Deep Peach. Let's see what correctors are supposed to do for you. A corrector should be pink or peach based to neutralize any dark patches. Corrector is normally used before you apply your concealer. This way you don’t have to use an excess amount of product under your eyes so it doesn’t get cakey or look artificial.

The Bobbi Brown corrector that I chose was Deep Peach with a slight yellow undertone to it. This is supposed to be a new and improved formula by Bobbi Brown that is supposed to be long wearing, brightening, good coverage and easy to blend. In Hong Kong you can buy it at any Bobbie Brown counter in Lane Crawford or at any Facess counter that has Bobbie Brown section. It is quite expensive costing around HK$200-300 but completely worth it. They do have 16 different shades to choose from so no matter what your skin tone is you will be able to find one that will suit you. 

I have quite bad dark circles and was on the lookout for a good concealer to cover up the dark patches. It is quite difficult to find a shade that matches my skin tone in Hong Kong as there aren't a lot of makeup brands that have darker shades. Luckily Bobbi Brown carries shades for darker skin toned people like me. The beauty advisor at the counter recommended the deep peach corrector for me that was an ideal match for me. When she tried this on me there was such a bit difference. The skin under the eye area was more evened out and looked brighter and I was convinced to give this a try. 

The very next day I put this to the test and wore it alone without any foundation. Immediately I saw a big change in my appearance, the dark patches had reduced and my eyes looked brighter and less tired. I took before and after photographs and I was happy to see that my skin overall looked one tone.

The product is a light texture that is not too heavy or too creamy. I use a concealer brush to apply the product under the eye area and use my ring finger to blend it out in a tapping motion so that the skin won't get pulled too much. Sometimes if I am in a hurry I use my finger to apply and blend the product without the brush. That’s easier at times and the you can get a better application that way. My skin is very oily but this product didn’t get chalky or smudged at all throughout the day. I didn’t even need to reapply the product.

So overall the corrector did everything that Bobbie Brown promised it will do, it brightened up my eye area and lasted all day long. It was easy to blend whether you chose a brush or your finger to apply the product. I had never used a corrector before and after using this I was totally convinced and knew I was missing out on a product that was important.

I will definitely be buying this product again for sure as this was only product that suited my skin tone. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is more on to the darker skin tones. 

Have you tried the Bobbie Brown corrector before? Let me know if you have and what you thought. 



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